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Thursday's letters: Serve citizens, not illegal immigrants

Many child migrants alone and in limbo | June 23

Serve citizens, not illegal migrants

I am astounded that the federal government has what appears to be unlimited funds to bus and fly illegal immigrants to locations within the interior of this nation. The immigrants are allegedly being sent to relocation centers for processing, a claim I do not believe. The government will try to unite them with family members already illegally in the United States.

Then we will hear all kinds of justifications to allow them to remain in the country. We will be told it is the right thing to do. Breaking the law is never the right thing to do, especially when you are charged with faithfully executing the laws of the United States. The political class in Washington must be constantly reminded that the conditions prevailing in certain foreign countries are not their concern. They are elected and paid by the citizens of the United States to look after our best interests.

The United States has already given millions of taxpayer dollars to the countries that are flooding our borders with migrants. Now they tell Vice President Joe Biden the United States needs to cough up more money for them to control their borders and nationals.

I agree with reuniting the families of the illegals, then deporting the lot and subtracting the cost from whatever aid dollars are given to their home countries. It never ceases to amaze me how charitable politicians are with other people's money.

Edward L. Young, Ruskin

Many child migrants alone and in limbo June 23

Obama's fateful decisions

It is truly a humanitarian crisis we are facing on our southern border, and the result will be that Americans, no matter what their personal feelings may be, will ensure that these children are cared for.

The situation in Iraq will also be resolved, somehow, through American efforts.

What is unfortunate is the root cause for both of these crises is the "decisionmaking" of President Barack Obama: the decision to effectively open our borders with the Dream Act and his lack of interest in negotiating a status of forces agreement in Iraq so that he could fulfill his political promises.

Ed Germond, Apollo Beach

Gas tax

Freeloaders on the roads

The U.S. Senate has a bill pending that proposes a 12-cents-per-gallon increase in the federal gas tax.

The Senate should first consider how to tax motor vehicles listed as all-electric, hybrid, natural gas and hydrogen. These vehicles operate on our highways without paying the same highway fuel tax that gas and diesel vehicles pay to the highway fund. Until this is corrected, they are freeloading on the general public.

Adolph F. Panella Jr., Valrico

Family to investigate fatal crash | June 24

Hold drivers to account

The law needs to be changed so that anyone driving a vehicle who causes serious injury or death and who refuses alcohol and drug tests is arrested and a warrant obtained to do the tests, forcibly if necessary. The results will determine whether the driver should be charged with vehicular homicide.

George Zeller, Clearwater

Public to weigh in again on Pier plan June 18

One option: Do nothing

Let's not forget that among the Pier options is to just take it down and do nothing for a while. Then with time on our side, we may reach a consensus about what to build in its place. Or not. Maybe we'll decide to do nothing. That's an option, too.

I don't know anything about the technical aspects of this, but maybe the new "pier" is a continuing, nightly display of dramatic lighting that calls attention to our beautiful bay and our city's growing reputation as an arts capital. Perhaps we'd have lights shining up from below to create an in-the-wild aquarium. Maybe we'd have colorful and artistic laser lights beaming over our skyline, our own aurora borealis.

This would attract many to our waterfront downtown, visitors and citizens alike, and make a statement about what beautiful St. Petersburg is all about.

Bill AuCoin, St. Petersburg

46 lawmakers win by default | June 21

Money at root of problem

Why would any decent, sane, nonaffluent Floridian want to run for a seat in our state government? I wouldn't want to eat in the same restaurant with any one of our state representatives, let alone have to sit in session with all of them at once.

It is plain to see they are self-serving featherbedders and do not have a clue or concern about the needs of the average citizen. I'm sure many politicians started out with honorable intentions, but if you take a fresh apple and put it in a bushel of rotten ones, the rotten apples don't turn fresh.

The only way average citizens would have a chance to enter our system of governance is to eliminate the need for access to large amounts of campaign money, because as it stands now our government does only the will of the affluent. In America, those with the majority of the money rule.

Brian Valsavage, St. Petersburg

The Hamas threat to Israel | June 24, letter

Israel's outrageous acts

Do not rely on the Jewish Community Relations Committees of Tampa Bay for truth when it comes to Israel, Palestine or the United States. They are sellers of propaganda with an agenda that damages our country, the Palestinians and, ultimately, the Israelis.

Sadly, they are willing to use the kidnapping of Israeli children to further their agenda: that all Palestinians are evildoers with whom peace is impossible, ignoring that Israel's outrageous actions created Hamas, and ignoring the hundreds of violent acts by zealous Israeli settlers and troops every day against innocent Palestinians.

Those who kidnapped these children are criminals. The raids on Palestinian homes, the tearing up of their olive trees, the spraying of their villages with vile liquids, the detention of men and boys, the shooting of rock-throwing kids, and the overwhelming retaliation that leaves 100 Palestinians killed for every Israeli killed — these are deliberate war crimes by an Israeli government that has lost its way.

Daniel Callaghan, New Port Richey

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