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To much regulation is not the problem with economy

Regulation not the problem

U.S. Rep. Rich Nugent's recent letter to constituents included an anecdote about deregulation from 1975. With all due respect, this is news? We have been hearing about deregulation for at least that long, and since then industry after industry has been deregulated, including the deregulation of the banking industry in 1999, one of the causes of the economic hardships we now face. From 2000 to 2008, regulations not cut were mostly ignored.

The people of Nugent's district are hurting. Across the country, few districts have been as hard hit by job loss as District 5. Now we read that his plan for helping the people of this district is to remove unnecessary federal regulations on small businesses. That's it?

Most regulations on small businesses originate at the state and local levels. His party has dominated Florida politics for the past 15 years, so we assume regulations on small businesses have already been cut to the bone. If simply getting rid of unnecessary regulations creates jobs, then Florida should lead the nation in jobs creation.

Unnecessary regulation should be eliminated, but not at the expense of our right to protection from crooks, the unskilled and polluters. What small businesses really need is increased demand for their services and bank loans to help them expand. Only then can they hire more workers.

Rep. Nugent, the taxpayers of your district need a plan that will work. We sent you to Congress, we pay your salary, and we expect more from you than cuts to Medicare and Social Security, tax breaks for the richest Americans and half-hearted approaches to jobs creation. We need a real plan for growth.

Ray Fones, Ridge Manor

No holiday for most who labor

Why in the world do we bother with Labor Day? Except for government employees, most people have to work. All retailers are open. All dealerships and furniture stores are open. In fact, they offer up these bogus sales for Labor Day.

I just feel that if we are going to honor our workers, then give them all the day off or cancel the holiday altogether. When I was a kid, the only thing that I remember open was the little mom-and-pop stores and mom and pop worked that day, not their employees. The old days were so much better.

Michael Morelli, Spring Hill

Grayson voted out for a reason

On Sept. 3, there was a tiny little column in the Hernando Times that caught my eye. It stated that the Hernando Executive Committee, in selling tickets for the annual Jefferson Jackson Dinner Dance, announced former Congressman Alan Grayson as the keynote speaker.

In all respect to those in charge, the last person I would invite to any function is Alan Grayson. He was a big embarrassment. He was an arrogant, mendacious individual who ill-served the people of his district with his behavior and was rightfully voted out of office.

Such people as Grayson, be they Republican or Democrat, do not deserve to be elected to any position and in the end this sort of act will cost the Democratic Party dearly. It will show the party to be extremist and, as the last few elections have shown, the people in this district do not abide people who take an extreme position or who behave in such a fashion as did Alan Grayson.

Peter Stathis, Spring Hill

Complain to state, pay fee

I recently complained to the Florida Department of Agriculture regarding a sod company. I felt I had a valid complaint. The state closed my complaint.

The sod company then sent me a $95 administration fee for answering that complaint. I complained to the department regarding the $95. It accepted the sod company's response that I wasted the company's time answering a complaint. I now owe $95 for complaining to the state of Florida. Thank you, Florida.

I am faxing the department. I want it to reveal on the website that a business can charge a consumer for answering a complaint. "Consumer services'' on the department's website should be changed to "business services.''

Charles Wood, Brooksville

Lesson in respect is much needed

I read the recent letter that children must learn to apologize. While I agree with the letter writer, this whole problem stems from lack of respect. Most young people today are not taught respect.

When I was young, we were taught to respect our elders and one another. We were taught to respect authority such as police officers and teachers. We were taught to address people as "Ma'am'' or "Sir,'' and if you didn't, you got a gentle cuff on the head and were asked where were your manners.

If more children today were taught this, incidents like the one mentioned involving the Central High art teacher wouldn't happen as often as they do.

Harry White, Spring Hill

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To much regulation is not the problem with economy 09/06/11 [Last modified: Tuesday, September 6, 2011 9:12pm]
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