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Today's letters: Officials not concerned about water running down street

Officials don't care about water

I was under the impression that we were to be concerned about our water usage. After eight attempts since December, I can see that the Hernando County Code Enforcement department does not care. I have made numerous attempts to get director Frank McDowell and his employees to do something.

There is a plant nursery on my street that has broken sprinklers that water directly onto the limerock road, not only wasting hundreds of gallons of water but also leaving a huge hole in the road. In one of my phone calls to Code Enforcement, I was laughed at when I threatened to write the newspaper. I have followed the chain of command, starting at the bottom and then up to McDowell. I have called county commissioners and even left Deputy Administrator Larry Jennings messages. I was told by the Code Enforcement Office that unless they see a person watering illegally, they cannot do anything.

So, I am letting the public know that you can water whenever you want as long as they don't see you.

I am a business owner and lifelong resident of Hernando County. I care about my county and my environment. At my shop and at home we recycle everything.

I cannot understand the lack of concern for our most precious resource.

Peggy O'Connor, Brooksville

Re: Faith and science are intertwined | March 6, guest column by C.D. Chamberlain

Mixing chemicals doesn't equal life

The gentleman is trying to open dialogue on the subject of evolution and faith. The problem is that so-called top-of-the-order scientists will not like any refutation of evolutionary claims. It is mostly a fear of allowing anything pertaining to faith, namely the concept of creation by any god.

I could write pages of refutation of current text books used in schools to give our students a false sense of evolution as being scientifically proven. I will here cite a problem that is never addressed, namely death. How could an accident that produced life die? The chemicals are all still there, but life is not. Life is much more than a mixture of chemicals. We can produce many things by shaking chemicals together, but life is not one of them.

Devon Fredericks, Spring Hill

Why is this land more valuable?

I am not understanding so maybe some of your readers can help. I own a 1-acre lot in the Royal Highlands subdivision on a dirt road. There is not water or sewer, yet it has been valued at $80,000.

I looked on the property appraiser's Web site at lots in Spring Hill (East Linden Estates, for example) and 1-acre lots are the same value, but they have roads, streetlights, etc.

How can that be? How can they value the land in Royal Highlands at so much when there is nothing there?

Karen Cook, Weeki Wachee

Today's letters: Officials not concerned about water running down street 03/20/08 [Last modified: Monday, March 24, 2008 11:30am]
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