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Transit options could make Tropicana Field viable

Tropicana Field

Be creative with transit for baseball

Instead of talking about the death of Tropicana Field, years before its possible demise, why hasn't there been any mention of how we can help make the Trop work in St. Petersburg?

What does St. Petersburg not have that most other major baseball venues have? Mass transportation, some way people can get to a game and home without driving or parking. Solution: PSTA/Rays bus times from PSTA Mall centers and the beach hotels to the Trop and back at the end of the game.

The Rays need our support this year as well as in the future. I feel the main reason they want a new stadium is the operating costs. An air-conditioned stadium in Florida must be expensive to operate. Here is an opportunity that can enhance the "Sunshine City," a real green solution.

Recycle the Trop first. Replace the dome with an insulated geodesic dome. Put solar panels on most of the large triangles and have the stadium lit by LED lights. For the AC, tap into the aquifer for geothermal cooling. And take the tilt out of the dome and put in high-end skyboxes.

Want to get more Tampa people to St. Petersburg? Start water buses and people ferries. This is one of the few areas around the world that doesn't take advantage of waterways in this regard. Make the Pier a pier for water transportation to Tampa and the beaches.

George Steffener, Gulfport

It's time to stop enabling homeless

As I drove north on 34th Street in St. Petersburg from 22nd Avenue S to 38th Avenue N, I noticed a disturbing site. Three separate fire rescue trucks and ambulances were "assisting" what appeared to be homeless, intoxicated individuals along the side of the road.

So I got to thinking. If we stop giving these people money when they are panhandling they will leave the area. There are plenty of soup kitchens in downtown St. Petersburg, as well as shelters. So these people have it pretty good here, and that is why they stay. Free food, free clothing, free shelter and free money for alcohol. If we quit enabling them with money, they will leave.

Would you continue to stand on a corner when no one gives you money? I am pretty sure you would move on. So stop giving them money for their alcohol so that they will leave St. Petersburg.

Joe King, St. Petersburg

Hope for JHop | April 11, story

Reaction to quote will be interesting

As I read this article, I found the quote from Sami Leigh Scott, former SAC president, commenting on Barry Brown, very interesting. " 'He's a black male, athletic, who is expected to tame the natives," said Scott, who is black.

I'm extremely interested to see how this comment is received, especially by groups like the Uhurus, who made such a big deal about the "hoodlum" reference made by the School Board member. If these groups really wanted credibility and change, they would react to comments like this with equal furor and not turn every issue into one of race.

I wonder what the reaction would be if the same woman who made the hoodlums remark had made this statement.

Craig Costa, St. Petersburg

Mayor's Night Out

Residents should meet with leaders

Thursday's Mayor's Night Out meeting at 7 p.m., in the Fossil Park area, was attended by more city employees than residents. Employees from every city department were there, ready and willing to help or answer questions. They answered everything I requested and more. We even had access to our mayor and our police chief. Thanks, guys!

Yes, parking was a problem because of some other activities, but hundreds of locals could have walked there.

Wake up, citizens! We criticize and make demands of these people and then do not show up to meet them and support their efforts?

Grades? City of St. Petersburg: A; Residents: D/F.

John McNamara, St. Petersburg

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