Monday, May 21, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Trash collector should respect recycling

Collector should respect recycling

Our garbage hauler has the nerve to call itselfs Choice Environmental. On March 16, April 6, and April 20, we observed our efforts to recycle destroyed as our blue bags were thrown in with the regular garbage.

A call to Pasco County recycling was an eye opener. We were told that nothing could be done. Choice Environmental can and does ignore its obligation to pick up and deliver blue recycling bags to their proper destination.

Have we as citizens been led to believe that our contract with Choice Environmental included recycling in name only? It is hard to accept that we are powerless in our efforts to enforce recycling in Pasco County.

Christine J. Cole, Dade City

Jobs program remains a success

I returned to New Port Richey after two years to support the Connections Job Development Program annual fundraiser held April 21 at Quality Inn. I am grateful for the support of so many in the community that helped to make the event successful.

I founded Connections over 20 years ago to help unemployed citizens in their search for meaningful employment. The program offers one-on-one job counseling to clients plus other job related services, at no charge, and is a popular nonprofit organization in the community.

Sheila Krautner, the current director of Connections, has guided the job program through some turbulent economic times that resulted from losing a major source of state funding several months ago. Through Sheila's management, counseling skills and her deep faith and belief in the program, those who need and use Connections services will not be let down. My sincere thanks to Sheila, the board members and staff for their ongoing commitment to the mission of the Connections program.

Joan Foley, Philadelphia


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