Monday, November 20, 2017
Letters To The Editor

Treat, don't scorn, those battling addiction


Don't scorn those battling addiction

I am writing this in defense of Operation PAR on Washington Street, Port Richey. Apparently neighbors around the clinic are concerned about the traffic in and out of the clinic and parking in right of way areas along Washington Street as well as U-turns being made in private driveways.

I totally agree there are parking issues with the sudden influx of clients seeking help with a disease called addiction. Gov. Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi have made it a point to shut down pill mills. Unfortunately, they have not looked into what happens to the patients of these pill mills. People suffering from addictions need a place to go and most cannot afford fancy in-patient rehab clinics, so they turn to Operation PAR.

Port Richey City Council member Nancy Britton was quoted as saying "Operation Par seemed to have outgrown the space, which is both sad but true." She also stated that it is horrific that it is there and makes it even worse that we are dealing with these issues. She also said Port Richey Police have been asked to write citations to anyone violating any parking ordinances.

I understand there are a small percentage of people that stereotype those who using a methadone clinic, but an elected official is way out of line.

Clients at the Port Richey facility include citizens of Port Richey, yet their own city government along with the city police department are allowed to be prejudicial against them.

There is a empty parking lot, already paved, right next door to Operation PAR; I don't know who owns it. I have asked Council member Britton to brainstorm and maybe come up with a solution of perhaps using this lot for parking overflow during peak times.

I do hope one day people with addictions will be looked at as citizens and not as a plague.

Joseph Everhart, Port Richey

Kudos to election staff, volunteers

With the dust settled on the recent election, I wanted to thank my staff for again going above and beyond in raising the bar of election administration excellence just a little higher. After many months of very long work days and being away from family and friends, they never wavered in their commitment to serve the voters of Pasco County. They epitomize professionalism.

Also, a huge thanks to an amazing group of volunteers known as poll workers. These individuals are men, women, Democrats, Republicans and independents who come together for love of county and democracy to serve voters throughout early voting and on Election Day.

It is because of their training, hard work and dedication that Pasco County had a smooth election day. My staff and poll workers are the ones who make it all come together for elections, which are the underpinnings of our representative democracy.

Brian Corley, Pasco supervisor of elections, Dade City

Philanthropist award humbling

My heartfelt thanks to Association of Fundraising Professionals, Nature Coast Chapter and Community Foundation of Tampa Bay for honoring me with the 2012 philanthropist of the year award.

My wife of 37 years and I have called Pasco home for a little more than 31 years and we raised our son here. We have acquired an extensive extended family and friends. We are very grateful and gratified.

It has been our privilege to serve our community in every possible way.

Dr. Rao Musunuru, Bayonet Point


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