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Tuesday letters: We must keep 9/11 prominent

Today, we remember | Sept. 11, story

We must keep 9/11 prominent

The St. Petersburg Times disappointed many readers with the placement of this story on the inside of the A Section of your newspaper.

I am appalled that you felt other headlines should make the front page of your newspaper over the tragic event that forever changed America nine years ago.

Articles about 9/11 should never be relegated to the inside page of any publication. They should be in the forefront as a daily reminder of how our country was under attack that horrific day and could be attacked again at any time. Rethink your priorities, Mr. Editor.

May I remind you: Out of sight, out of mind.

Gretchen Stultz, Tampa

Time to move forward

Saturday, we as a nation, observed the ninth and certainly most contentious anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. With pastor Terry Jones trying to get his 15 minutes of fame inflaming moderate Muslims worldwide with his threat of burning Korans and protesters marching blocks away from ground zero at the proposed Islamic center, and plenty of politicians weighing in, this was certainly the most commotion ever for the 9/11 anniversary.

There are all sorts of reasons why all of this vitriol is playing out. A struggling economy and a fractious political climate probably both add fuel to the intolerance.

But I see another reason. Seeing the stark photo of ground zero and the barely begun Freedom Tower reminds us that it has been nine agonizingly slow years of rebuilding this area, and it looks as if it had just begun. If we had been able to finish this inspiring structure and the surrounding area by now (which seemed reasonable in a nine-year time frame), I believe we wouldn't have had all of these outbursts.

The final product would remind us that as a nation, we are moving forward. It's important to remember our history, but equally important to keep moving in a new promising direction that honors our past.

George Chase, St. Pete Beach

Book burning has an ugly history

Regarding the recent talk about burning the Koran: On the Opernplatz (now called the Bebelplatz) in Berlin where the infamous Nazi book burnings took place one can view an underground memorial to the event. Through a large glass set into the square one can see empty library shelves below — a chilling reminder of a horrific event.

Next to this thoughtful memorial is a plaque with a quote from Heinrich Heine which says, "Wherever books are burned men also, in the end, are burned." And in fact, years later as the world knows many men, women and children did burn.

Even though this Koran burning did not take place, I still fear our growing religious intolerance.

Kathleen Carothers, Tarpon Springs

"Rev." Jones fits the mold of other radicals Sept. 10, Daniel Ruth column

Intolerant insults

Pastor Terry Jones' planned Koran burning (which to his credit he postponed) is indeed reprehensible, from both a political and spiritual standpoint. However, that's about as far as I go in agreeing with Daniel Ruth's opinion column on Sept. 10.

Instead of staying with the moral high ground, Ruth wallows right into the mud with a bigoted diatribe of his own against the Rev. Jones. Using terms such as "trailer trash," "redneck" and "backwater," Ruth uses terminology that broadly condemns and insults a wide class of his fellow citizens based on their socioeconomic status or personal religious beliefs. But he doesn't even stop there, using very personal insults as well, including "dim-witted," "complete simpleton," and "uneducated."

In the future, particularly when attempting to condemn others' intolerance and bigotry, Daniel Ruth would be well advised to practice what he preaches.

Ed Cronyn, Tampa

"Rev." Jones fits the mold of other radicals Sept. 10, Daniel Ruth column

Voicing the views of many

I have never in my life written a letter to a newspaper, but after reading Daniel Ruth's column in the Opinion pages I couldn't possibly stay mum.

This man deserves a Pulitzer Prize (or at least a nomination) for his writing about the reprehensible Rev. Terry Jones. I think shock and disgust leave many of us at a loss for words when it comes to Terry Jones, but Ruth has found a voice for us all.

Thank you, Daniel Ruth, for putting onto paper the jumble of anger/outrage/fury/contempt that fills our heads when we hear the name Terry Jones.

Jennifer Widich, Tampa

"Rev." Jones fits the mold of other radicals Sept. 10, Daniel Ruth column

Seeing things clearly

Kudos to Daniel Ruth for his Sept. 10 column in which he employed quotation marks around the "Rev." in addressing Terry Jones.

I wish I knew how Jones achieved that title. Apparently many pastors, including me, could have saved countless years of higher education to qualify for ordination from legitimate denominations. Ruth is the first person I have seen in all of the media coverage of this circus who has correctly called a spade a spade! Congratulations to Daniel Ruth and the St. Petersburg Times.

The Rev. John T. Snyder, retired, North Redington Beach

The obstructionists | Sept. 10, letter

Fear of the future

This letter writer agrees with Don Wright's editorial cartoon of Sept. 7 that the Republican Party is the party of obstructionists and the party of no. He believes the Obama administration has been stalled by "… the intractability of the significant minority."

Wow. Let's translate that. He must mean that the policies the liberals come up with can't even muster the 60 votes needed in the Senate. The Democrats have been in control in Congress since the last two years of the Bush administration. Even though the Bush administration faced the bubble, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the 9/11 attack and two wars, we had low unemployment. Companies and Wall Street had more confidence in the economy.

There is fear now at what the future holds. Think back to when the troubles all started. The liberals want you to believe that the GOP is the party of obstructionists as if the Democrats never have obstructed the GOP. Give me a break!

Ronald Melone, Clearwater

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