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Tuesday's letters: Confronting climate change must be a priority

New year, new hope | Jan. 1, editorial

We must confront climate change

One of the top resolutions for our legislators was omitted from this list: Take bold action to plan for mitigating and adapting to the effects of climate change and depletion of resources (especially oil).

Per Pinellas County Extension Service: "Pinellas Co. is particularly vulnerable, as a coastal community, to the potential impacts of climate change. Many communities are taking action to create plans to prepare for potential impacts, such as sea level rise, changes in weather conditions (floods or drought), higher maximum temperatures, more severe weather, and changes in distribution of plants and insects. Sea level rise, combined with an increase in the severity of storms, is a serious concern for the local community, as well as all of Florida. Early signs of climate change in the state include drought, increased forest fires, eroding shorelines and dying coral reefs."

Alachua County is a leader in our state in developing such a plan. Alachua County's plan can be found at

Hopefully by the end of 2010 Pinellas County will have an equally detailed plan and have begun taking strong action to implement the plan.

Mary Ann Holtz, St. Petersburg

Personal foul, excessive whining Jan. 1, Daniel Ruth column

College sports have gotten out of hand

We as a society have long forgotten that college sports were intended to be extracurricular activities. When the dollar signs expanded, the notion of the "student-athlete" made a 180-degree turn. But is it for the better?

Coach Urban Meyer should learn to delegate. With the plethora of "assistants" that further expand the cost of any major football program, it would appear that Meyer could leave his job at 6 p.m. as Dan Ruth suggests. We have defensive backfield coaches, inside linebacker coaches, line coaches on both sides of the ball. Big-time programs have academic advisers as well as passing coordinators.

Call me conservative — my friends and enemies do — but the Ivy League still appears to have their sports programs under some sort of proper priority: limited schedules, no playoffs and actual graduates who get headaches from being presidents rather than from NFL concussions.

Ruth's closing line — "It's just a game" — certainly seems lost in what we as a society have allowed and in many ways demand.

Kenn Sidorewich, Oldsmar

Personal foul, excessive whining Jan. 1, Daniel Ruth column

You said it

I have been struggling to articulate why I find the coverage of the Urban Meyer dilemma so annoying, and Daniel Ruth supplied exactly the right words! Thank you!

Maybe next you can address why I am so irritated by Tim Tebow's need to advertise his religious beliefs on his face.

Marlene B. Rubin, Tampa

Personal foul, excessive whining Jan. 1, Daniel Ruth column

Real pressure

Thank you, Dan Ruth. For the last week all we have heard was how bad it was for poor Urban Meyer. Coaching college football has wrecked his health. Get a life.

Many people deal with more pressure than Meyer does and they do it for a lot less than $4 million a year. Think about the young Marine who comes home from Iraq with no legs. That's pressure. If Meyer is so burned out, he can teach elementary school for about $28,000 a year.

Tom Lewis, Bradenton

Personal foul, excessive whining Jan. 1, Daniel Ruth column

Poor priorities

Daniel Ruth's thoughtful carping on UF's total angst over the momentary possibility of losing a football coach (sorry, but truly, the man is only a sports coach) says a lot about Florida's education priorities, at least in Gatorland.

While FSU focused on hiring a respected research scientist to lead their university, UF turns a blind eye to faculty and students, unless, of course, they happen to be rabid football fans. Makes you wonder just who's worried about our future. As Ruth lays out, some game.

JoAnn M.Valenti, Ph.D., Tampa

Davy Crockett's marriage license Jan. 1, story

County could pay

It seems that Margaret V. Smith's explanation about the marriage license is believable. The claim by Jefferson County, Tenn., that it was stolen certainly is unprovable and may be just a ploy to get a document back that's been missing for decades. The fact that it's being missing went unnoticed indicates the care taken by the county government to preserve such valuables.

The Tennessee judge made a decision without facts. Being an employee at the courthouse may have put Mrs. Smith's uncle in the right location to find the document. Solution: Pay the woman the value of the document and all will be happy.

Robert Petrosky, Spring Hill

Like getting robbed twice | Jan. 1, Encounters

Tallahassee logic

For those thinking the Legislature is full of dolts, who decided to change the law so victims of a crime have to buy back their stolen property from pawnshops, I say you're wrong. They were using Tallahassee logic: Why have two victims (the voting public and big business) from a single burglary or robbery when you can limit it to one (the voting public)?

Robert Wierzba, Palm Harbor

Monstrosity with a bad message Jan. 1, letters

The value of art

My husband and I live in the St. Petersburg area six months a year. We moved here three years ago. I am so thrilled with the variety of offerings. I was excited to read recently of the exhibit coming to the Museum of Fine Arts but disappointed in the opinions in the Saturday letters.

We have been fortunate to grow up in Des Moines, Iowa, with a wonderful art museum and program. I felt compelled to remind your readers that art for a community is a true privilege, and not all art is beautiful and perfect. In most cases it is to inspire the beholder. Not always is it kind, but is meant to remind us of the good and bad that we humans seem to experience. Good art stimulates conversation and doesn't always have one message.

I look forward to seeing the Fernando Botero exhibit and sharing what I see and feel.

Cathy Goldman, Madeira Beach

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