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Tuesday's letters: Hardly a victory for 'decency'

A reluctant vote for Trump | Nov. 24, letter

Hardly a victory for 'decency'

The letter writer says it seemed that "common sense and common decency just seemed to have a better chance of returning to our lives" the day after the election. Yet the writer notes he was reluctant to vote for Donald Trump.

Trump was sowing the seeds of hate long before the election — talking about jailing his opponent, alluding to her assassination, offering to pay the legal fees of supporters who were beating up protesters at his rallies, suggesting he would profile Muslims and create a government registry, the list goes on. This must have had some effect on the writer, if he was in fact "reluctant" to vote for Trump. I am curious as to why the writer did not consider a vote for Gary Johnson or another candidate, if both major party candidates concerned him so much.

Since the election, we have seen Trump's supporters vandalize property with swastikas and words of hate; children in schools uttering "white power" and "build the wall;" and white supremacist groups shouting "Hail Trump!" These acts, all done in the name of Trump, are disgusting and are the opposite of human decency. As a statement from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum noted, "The Holocaust did not begin with killing; it began with words."

We must condemn the divisive language and actions of the current climate and must seriously consider what the election of this man will mean to this country.

Christina Johansson, Palm Harbor

2016 election

Electoral College challenge

Votes are still being counted in some states. Hillary Clinton may have won the popular vote by 2 million votes. Because about 100 million voters did not vote for either Donald Trump or Clinton, in effect one quarter of the voters decided whom to make president.

There is a viral petition asking for an audit of votes in swing states. Trump has already staffed up with hate-mongers and broken some of the promises he made to voters. The election will not be final until the Electoral College makes its decision on Dec. 19. These are all reasons why you should visit and look at the petition to the Electoral College members to make Clinton the next president.

Margaret Zabor, Temple Terrace

New speaker calls teachers union 'evil' Nov. 25

Try a day in their shoes

Shame on Richard Corcoran for labeling teachers and their organization as "evil" just because he doesn't agree with them on issues. This is a reflection on him as House speaker and his prejudices. Before name-calling, he should step into a teacher's moccasins for just one day. I doubt he'd make it to lunchtime.

Dianne Franz, Palm Harbor

Legislature caused problem

The new speaker of the house, Rep. Richard Corcoran, has the audacity to call Florida Education Association teachers union "evil" because they are fighting efforts to undermine funding for public education and funnel those funds to private charter schools. The FEA is "destroying the lives of 100,000 children, mostly minority and all of them poor" by challenging the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship. What Corcoran should be asking himself is why those children find themselves in failing public schools in the first place. The problem the scholarship program seeks to address is a problem caused by our Republican-controlled Legislature to begin with.

Donald Veasey, Brandon

Trump picks former critics | Nov. 24

Attack on public schools

I've tried to be open to the Cabinet choices the president-elect has made, but I am appalled at his choice of Betsy DeVos for education secretary. I'm a retired Michigan teacher, now enjoying warmer winters in Florida, and I bemoan the lack of support for public schools in the Legislature in Florida and elsewhere.

Michigan teachers have put up with DeVos' constant attacks on public schools, teachers and teacher unions for years. She has been a tireless champion for voucher plans and charter schools. Michigan voters soundly defeated her voucher plan several years ago. Now the entire country will have to deal with her biases.

Frances Baldasari, Hudson

Work to bridge two Americas | Nov. 24

Sign of progress

Thanks for publishing this excellent column written by two Florida State University students who call for unity. This could be your editorial of the year and is such a welcome relief from all the anti-Donald Trump propaganda that the Times deals in all the time.

These students call for unity and tolerance of true diversity — diversity of thoughts and beliefs. It is also to be praised that Florida State University has started a campaign that "fosters shared spaces for civil discourse between those who disagree rather than spaces safe from opposing viewpoints." This is refreshing and truly progressive.

Dorane Strouse, Homosassa

Be thankful for the noise, dirt — and joy Nov. 25

Take heart: They'll return

What a heartwarming story, and so true.

I have been where you are, though I am almost a generation ahead. Yes, I still miss the bedtimes, dishes and being needed. But you must take heart. They will be back. I'm sure you have found belongings of your sons that they have left behind. They have marked their territory!

Trust me, all the things you now miss will return at some point to some degree; and you will love it. My four have left my nest and now have their own. So when they do come back, there are more of them. I love their phone calls, visits and the time we spend together.

Take heart, mom, and enjoy the peace and quiet, as it won't last forever!

Judy Lavaron, St. Petersburg

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