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Tuesday's letters: Medicare age should be lowered

Senators propose Medicare age hike | June 29

Medicare age should be lowered

So Sens. Joseph Lieberman and Tom Coburn want the Medicare age raised to 67 to help with the "wall of debt." Instead of raising it to 67, they should be lowering it to 62.

There are hoards of people hanging onto their jobs and not retiring at 62 because they are terrified to even think about trying to obtain private health care. If they retired, thousands of young people could once again be able to join the work force.

If these two senators are so concerned with the "wall of debt," how about getting rid of the tax cuts for the wealthy and stopping the billions in foreign aid going to countries that harbor terrorists. Those are two expenses I could certainly do without.

Christine Jamesson, Clearwater

Drug price relief needed

I love this country, but if we don't start doing things smarter, we are going to be in trouble.

Republicans say Medicare costs too much. Four years ago there was a bill in Congress called the Medicare Price Negotiation Drug Act. My then-representative in Congress, Republican Adam Putnam, voted against allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices. Did he think it a good thing that Americans pay the highest drug prices in the world? I disagree; I think Americans want to pay what Canadians pay for drugs.

Michael Younglove, Brandon

Afghan girl trickled into holding bomb June 27

Worst of the worst

If there is anything more evil in the world, I challenge even the most brutal of evil personalities to define what that could be. To the cowards responsible for the death of this child, may you burn in hell.

Herbert D. Metzgar, Brandon

Corporate taxes

Tax cuts flow to customers

From the sound of recent editorials and letters, it seems that there is a lot of anger directed at tax cuts for businesses. The simple fact is that tax cuts for corporations are actually tax cuts for consumers.

Through the miracle of capitalist competition, if a business sees its costs (like taxes) go down, it passes the savings to consumers. If it doesn't, other companies will take advantage of the chance to undercut them and steal market share. Competition keeps profits only high enough to make the business worthwhile. Ironically, the only thing that hinders this process is excess barriers to entry created by overly burdensome government regulations.

What the left won't tell you is that the taxes they love to soak those evil corporations with are really taxes on you and me.

Chris Johnson, Clearwater

U.S. passport

Passport inspires pride

I recently received my new U.S. passport, and this little book is a work of art. Aside from the new technology (electronic chips embedded in the binding), the messages and artwork contained on the pages wonderfully depict the essence of America.

No matter your political complaint, it is hard to not feel proud of our country when you see the beautiful graphics and read the inspirational quotes from great Americans.

This functional little document still serves its purpose, but now it does so much more elegantly.

Jeffrey Lahm, St. Petersburg

Follower in chief | June 28, commentary

Obama's flaws

This is a gold-medal article showing that you can run but you can't hide. Maureen Dowd hit the nail on the head with the best anti-Barack Obama article I have ever read by someone on his side.

Her article shows that the president has more sides than the menu at a Cracker Barrel.

Colin Kelley, Largo

TIA to offer incentives to airlines | June 21

New flights will be welcome

I applaud Tampa International Airport chief Joe Lopano's effort to attract new international and nonstop West Coast routes to Tampa's airport.

I just booked my holiday trip to California, and we will be driving to Orlando airport in order to fly nonstop to San Francisco. Even though TIA is more convenient, we cannot get a nonstop flight from there. We have been stuck in Dallas too many times due to weather, once having to pay for a hotel overnight. Another time we spent close to three hours sitting on the tarmac.

If Lopano succeeds in his efforts, we will happily be one of his first customers.

Deborah Green, Sun City Center

Fasano: Let's fix HOA slipup | June 29

Hold banks accountable

It would be nice if state Sen. Mike Fasano took a look at the true problem, which is the laws that protect the banks and force homeowners associations to do what they can to get their money. As treasurer for an association, I can tell you that some banks fail to pay their bills and follow the law.

Richard Prestera, Treasure Island

Scott attends Koch retreat | June 29

A different state of mind

Since Gov. Rick Scott does not read Florida newspapers and he has a pit bull for a press secretary, it's no wonder he has to fly all the way to Colorado for ideas and suggestions on how to run the state.

In a recent article in the Times he said, "In this job, you've got to constantly listen to what other people are thinking." Those "other people"? The billionaire, free-market ideologue Koch brothers.

Brian Johnson, Tampa

Debt crisis needs new management June 29, commentary

Kennedy was a true leader

In his haste to criticize the president, David Brooks finds it necessary to trash President John Kennedy's inaugural address. I remember that address. Far from setting a "grandiose" image, Kennedy challenged a generation of young people to lives of service and sacrifice.

We don't need more "managers," we need leaders. Managers manage "things"; leaders lead people.

Robert Wiley, Tampa

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