Thursday, May 24, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Tuesday's letters: Nelson's pragmatism of convenience

Nelson's pragmatic voice | Oct. 15, Times recommends

A 'pragmatism' of convenience

Your editorial calling Bill Nelson pragmatic caught my eye. I remember in 2006 Nelson telling voters that he was lied to by the intelligence agencies about Iraq and its weapons. How he wished he was told the truth, he said, before he voted to send troops into Iraq.

It rang hollow given Nelson's committee position at the time. It was also alarming that almost every Democrat who voted "yea" on the Iraq war had the same story and at exact same time, just before an election. How very "pragmatic."

And now we have a president who, just before an election, cannot defend his record and can only call his opponent a liar. It seems clear there is a lack of accountability from Nelson and his party.

James Gilbow, Riverview

No holding back for Biden, Ryan | Oct. 12

Hollow assurance

I could not feel any comfort from Vice President Joe Biden's assurance that Iran is incapable of delivering a nuclear device to the United States or any other country. I am sure he also could have made the statement in 2000 that four men could never deliver 10,000 pounds of jet fuel to the 87th floor of the World Trade Center and bring it down.

Thomas Jones, Tampa

Amendment 6

Dangerous implications

Amendment 6, put on the ballot by the antichoice Florida Republican legislative majority, is so vaguely written that many voters will not fathom its implications. Do Florida women realize that if Amendment 6 passes, they will lose a huge right that is protected by the Florida Constitution: the right to privacy as it pertains to choice? The prospect of our losing this right is frightening.

The Florida Constitution says that citizens have the right to be let alone and free from government intrusion into our private lives. But if passed, Amendment 6 will allow the Legislature to make laws limiting that right. Their doing so would be an invasion of a woman's right to decide what is best for her and would unconscionably allow the state to come between her and her doctor.

Amendment 6 must be defeated.

Wendy Sears Grassi, St. Petersburg

Incumbents are best bet | Oct. 13, Times recommends

Do-nothing Congress

Incumbents are not the best bet. Voting to return incumbents Richard Nugent, Gus Bilirakis, C.W. Bill Young and Tom Rooney is a vote for an ineffectual House of Representatives that scorns compromise, ties up legislation, and causes financial brinkmanship that endangers economic recovery.

The incumbents are part of the biggest do-nothing, gridlocked Congress in recent memory.

Lynn W. Lindeman, Hudson

Won't face the voters

Congressman C.W. Bill Young's refusal to face the voters should disqualify him from receiving another term in office. A recent article in your paper highlighted how Young has refused to attend a debate or candidate forum in over 20 years, despite countless opportunities. In the last month alone he's skipped several opportunities to debate, including one held just down the hall from his district office.

Faun Weaver, Gulfport

Pork barrel resume

Once again the Tampa Bay Times has endorsed Rep. C.W. Bill Young. His only positives: He has brought "pork barrel" projects to the Tampa Bay area. All of this while voting against the stimulus package and the Affordable Care Act.

Yes, he worked for veterans. It would be political suicide not to. Are you saying that the Democratic candidates would work against veterans?

Kenneth Holder, Lutz

Libya attack haunts Obama campaign Oct. 13

Don't politicize tragedy

The events that unfolded in Libya were horrible, and all Americans mourn the loss of lives.

When we were attacked on 9/11 the country came together and did not point fingers at our president. However, we are now seeing this incident politicized, never mind that it occurred halfway around the world and the people of Libya themselves were confused as to the cause.

When a person or political party tries to make hay out of this kind of tragedy, and then acts as if they are patriots, one must wonder how that can be when they put a political party ahead of America.

Chris Curley, Sun City Center

Postage rates rising in January | Oct. 12

Charge the junk mailers

The U.S. Postal Service is losing money and wants to raise the rates — again. A better solution would be to simply charge the junk mailers full price to send their mail. Currently they are charged much less, and the regular customers are in a way subsidizing this discount.

James Willsie, Palm Harbor

Gang lists reconsidered | Oct. 11

List can be tool for racism

Reading the recent story about Justin Wiley was saddening. It was a case of another young black male being disenfranchised because of the color of his skin, his gender and where he lives. The criteria for the gang list were a gift to thoughtless racism.

Some of these kids (as young as middle school age) who are labeled as gang members go to church and attend school. Unless a citizen, child or otherwise, is convicted as a gang member or associate, their names should be removed. It smacks of McCarthyism and worse.

Mary Finnegan, Largo

Opt out or stay? Get the facts | Oct. 13

Homeowners are suffering

Let me get this straight. If you are a responsible homeowner who has been kicked to Citizens Property Insurance Corp. because your previous insurer longer carried Florida property owners, if you have never filed a claim, had a late payment, and do not have an underwater mortgage situation, you are out of luck. You can opt to stay with Citizens, not knowing how much your insurance will cost next renewal, or you can opt to go with another company that won't tell you how much it will charge either. This is outrageous.

Property owners in Florida are being held hostage by the insurance companies, and apparently no one cares. There are many senior citizens living here on fixed incomes. Just what are they supposed to do? This needs to be fixed.

Carol Curry, Tampa


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