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Tuesday's letters: Strip club photos not appropriate

Strip storm downgraded | Aug. 28

Raunchy journalism

As I was perusing the Times' special edition about the RNC, I was appalled to see the images published with this article. One was a large image of the inside of a strip club, featuring the side of a virtually naked stripper's body. The other was a picture of a Sarah Palin impersonator showing quite a bit of cleavage — not as bad as the other image, but still inappropriate. Raunchy photography like this has no place in a newspaper — especially one of the Times' caliber.

Stephen Lapp, Tampa


Seniors, beware

I hear many seniors talk about Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan's plans for Medicare and Social Security. Most seem to think they will be "grandfathered in," or that there is no way Romney would dare attack the "third rail" of American politics.

Folks, those days are over. Columnists say old people have to "sacrifice" and that their "entitlements" will break the country. They are not talking about people 20 or 30 years old; they have their sights aimed at seniors.

Scott Granell, Valrico

No such thing as bad publicity? Aug. 21

Spending priorities

The Salon column referenced in this item strings together some truths but falls off the tracks in the end. The Forbes article cited states that Tampa's average commute time is actually no worse than that of other large cities. We only ranked low on the list because of our lack of good public transportation.

The key fallacy is in blaming our commuting issues on the tea party. Conservatives aren't against progress; they are against reckless deficit spending and raising taxes to cover new public projects. I, for one, would love to see a light-rail commuter train that runs parallel to the Veterans Expressway from Lutz to downtown, but government funding is a zero-sum game. If we have this, then we must cut elsewhere.

Jeremy Rasmussen, Lutz

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