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Two on zoning board in Twilight Zone

Re: News of his demise as spun by the Web | Dec. 21.

Zoning board two in Twilight Zone

As reported by Dan DeWitt, a series of grapevine gossip caused him embarrassment when he called Mary Ann DeWitt to offer condolences for the passing of her husband, Bob DeWitt. Oh, what a relief it must have been to recant misbegotten information before it hit the pages of the Hernando Times! Unfortunately, the roots of the grapevine couldn't be traced any further than Anna Lisa Covell, who had heard it from Anthony Palmieri.

Hold it right there! All three are on the Planning and Zoning Commission, right? And all three are retiring, right? And there was some "supposed" misunderstanding about the living dead man amongst Palmieri and Covell, right?

Sounds like a practical joke to me! It's not fair to Bob DeWitt to be the brunt of the "mishap," but, fortunately, Bob is an easy-going guy and shrugged it off with humor.

But, what might we expect next? Is there a tit-for-tat in the making from Bob? Whether insightful on my part or a rash conspiratorial assumption, who might be the "source" of the next rumor? In retaliation of the band of two, I might suggest that Mary Ann DeWitt join forces with Bob and send a juicy grape through the vine about the other two, but keep the roots of the news well buried.

As Dan DeWitt touched on in his column, seeking the source of information isn't always easily available from a reputable, recognized source, as exemplified from the data on Ms. Covell's blog site.

Let me just leave it this way: no more Dan DeWitt's writing about any Bob DeWitts from unknown sources who are half-wits. In the meantime, welcome back, Bob, from the netherworld of the living.

Ron Rae, Spring Hill

Re: Gratuity on bill gives visitor pause | Dec. 22 letter

In U.S., servers depend on tips

The numbers Mr. (Bob) Hall provided state it all. A $43.46-plus-tax meal and he had a whopping $49 in his wallet to pay for this meal, with a gracious $2.50 set aside for the servers who made his dining experience pleasurable.

Unfortunately, Mr. Hall is not the only visitor who extends such "generosity" to local people trying to scratch some sort of living. Dining establishments as well as other service-related businesses should adopt the European standard of simply adding a "service charge" to the bill.

Mr. Hall, have a nice trip back over the pond. Until then, may I recommend eating at home or indulging at one of the many fine Chinese buffets the area has to offer.

Walter Kozak, Spring Hill

Re: Gratuity on bill gives visitor pause | Dec. 22 letter

Tip based on level of service

In reference to the Bob Hall letter regarding his tipping problem with a waiter demanding an 18 percent tip on a check, I would say to this English visitor, buck up and don't be a patsy.

Do not be intimidated by such behavior; pay whatever tip, if any, you feel is justified. As you probably know, the original rationale for a tip was "to insure promptness" and is discretionary.

If you feel, as I do, that the amount of a tip is and should be based on the level of service you received, then hold your ground, even if it means no tip at all.

When I encounter poor service, I decide whether to leave an amount I feel is warranted, or even if anything is deserved. I will cross out the tip amount on the check if I feel it is unjustified and explain to the waiter and the manager that no tip is forthcoming.

You are not required by law to offer a tip — it is a service consideration and discretionary. Over the years, service levels in American restaurants continue to have a poor track record, and wait staff expect tips for just showing up at your table. Be courteous, considerate, but also be firm when needed — it's your money.

Please continue to live and spend here. Our economy needs you!

Roger Colucci, Spring Hill

Re: Trash crisis has start date | Dec. 16

Recycling bins lessen dump need

Hernando County says to the Times its waste dump is nearly full and Hernando will have to take burial waste to Pasco County soon for a bunch of cash. They also have an incinerator that generates electricity. Wow. They planned ahead.

Okay, I have a partial solution for Hernando that already exists and is in use by a fair number of people.

After three years of having Waste Management haul away all our trash twice a week (with a measure of guilt) for our family of two, I finally read the bill itemization.

We have been paying $3.45 per quarter for recycling bin service and haven't been using it. They never dropped off the bins, so we let it slide, thinking it was a pain to sort out things. A minor inconvenience to haul three things to the curb is all.

Well, it took a week to get the two bins — one blue for newspaper and cardboard and one green for aluminum and most plastics, with once-a-week pickup which is quite adequate as it doesn't smell or draw critters.

Since we have started using this already-paid-for service, we have cut our trash/garbage going to the dump in half. Maybe half the people around us actually have been doing this regularly?

So there you go. One-half of our previous trash turns out to be recyclable and having actual "worth."

If Hernando County commissioners were to mandate all consumers to recycle, they could cut their dump needs by a huge number almost immediately.

So there you have it commissioners. Right under your noses! Literally!

Doug Adams, Spring Hill

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