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Understand what you are voting for

Understand what you are voting for

Let's see if I have this right. Someone gets a bug for the fire district to be re-established as an independent special district free from the controls of Hernando commissioners. The question to do so goes in front of voters clueless to what a legislatively created special district is. Not wanting to disappoint, the clueless voters give a thumbs up.

A clueless Rep. Rob Schenck, R-Spring Hill, is drafted to sponsor the local bill creating this special district. But wait a second, someone forgot to include how to pay for this special district, which is no longer under the cognizance of the Hernando commissioners. Voters are asked to approve a tax to support this new, independent government agency and the response is a big fat "no.'' Well, if at first they don't succeed, try, try again it seems.

And we wonder why the dredging also hits the news more than necessary as I watch the new section of Elgin Boulevard being built at a whopping cost to the taxpayers while pedestrians have to step off sidewalks due to overgrown vegetation.

As long as the zombies vote party lines and not for the individual, we will continue to have the government we deserve.

Walter Kozak, Spring Hill

Cat flaps open door to raccoon trouble | May 13 Dan DeWitt column

Shotgun may be a better option

My, my, my. Will wonders never cease? Dan DeWitt contemplates using a rifle to kill something.

By the way, it may be safer to use a shotgun in a semi-rural neighborhood. Though the shot may be hard on the bridgework if you eat the little bandit.

Lee Helscel, Brooksville

Message is not getting through

Enough is enough. When will the citizens wake up and demand more from our prosecutors, judges and our own jurors when it comes to drunken or drugged drivers?

The young female driver accused of attempting to kill a deputy and then managing to kill a citizen is a fine example to which I speak. I was amazed at her criminal record and now we the taxpayers must spend thousands to keep her in jail for the rest of her life if she is convicted.

Have we considered a death sentence? It would surely send a message that when you act stupid, you will pay a price.

If anyone agrees, flood your local representatives with support to begin a process to stop these violent crimes.

T. William Simmons, Spring Hill

Incident requires more scrutiny

I have been a substitute teacher for Hernando County for the last six or seven years and had many an opportunity to observe Sandra Hadsock conduct her class. I have also substituted for her on numerous occasions and have never seen or heard her be confrontational with a student. She has always been the paragon of patience and understanding with her classes.

I was not in attendance when the latest alleged incident occurred, but I find it very difficult to believe that Mrs. Hadsock instigated it. I do know from experience that the students at Central have become more wild and confrontational in the past couple of years and many teachers and substitutes no longer desire to work there.

The newspaper account, although not directly, appears to be biased and infer that the fault lies with the teacher. Much more investigation should be conducted before making or alleging any fault to Mrs. Hadsock.

C.E. Emberger, Weeki Wachee

Perhaps reviews need new insight?

Theater critic Barbara Fredricksen has reviewed shows she has seen numerous times, so it may get tedious for her. When a new show opens like Sentimental Journey at the Show Palace, she is quick to give accolades of praise. This show did not "have it all" nor was it "executed perfectly" by the show creators as she stated in her review. The music was loud and sounded as if it was blasted at us.

On the other hand, I saw Funny Girl at Stage West. This show was entertaining from the dance sequence during the overture to the cast lineup for bows during a standing ovation. Kudos to the director John Masterson and the entire cast for such an entertaining show. How can the theater critic Ms. Fredricksen cast such praise for the show and then lambaste the director?

All the accolades she points out in her praise were put together by director John Masterson. It made no sense to me to read her review that criticizes the director for "vague direction, imprecise direction, lighting design, stage design, etc."

Perhaps Ms. Fredricksen has gotten stale and staying in retirement would have been the better choice.

Charles DePalo, Brooksville

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