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Unite for the sake for the nation

Election '08

Unite for the sake of the nation

While I have to admit I was disappointed with the outcome of the election, I am behind the new president 100 percent. No matter what side you were on, we are all Americans, and as Americans we have to stand together.

Are we going to do what was done to President Bush? Was that productive? The hate was unbelievable. We are the greatest country in the world. We have witnessed a great historic moment.

Although I disagree with some of President-elect Barack Obama's policies, I am praying that he gets it right. I know there are people who want him to fail, but what they don't understand is, if he fails, America loses.

Sen. John McCain, a person I greatly admire, said, "Country first." I hope all Americans can feel the same.

Iris Beckmann, Spring Hill

End the divisions

Regarding the election last week: The first thing I would do is congratulate President-elect Barack Obama. He and his party ran an excellent, intelligent campaign. The people voted and they let us know what they wanted. To all of you, whether your person won or not, Obama will now be our president. We should live with it and give him all the backing we can. Let's help right this country. That doesn't mean we follow with a blind eye. What it means is we can disagree as long as we come to a solution that betters all people.

I'd like to see references to Obama changed from African-American to just American. When John F. Kennedy was elected, he was not constantly referred to as the Irish-Catholic president even though he was a first.

What this country doesn't need is any more division. We don't need black vs. white, rich vs. poor, female vs. male, etc.

Paul Siragusa, St. Petersburg

Cause for pride

I am a snowbird from Canada and a huge news junkie. I have watched your election with fascination now for nearly two years.

This has been a tremendous exercise in democracy, which could only happen in America. All Americans should be proud, very proud. God bless America.

Let's hope for all our sakes that everyone will work together now to get our economies going again!

Bill Murphy, Sun City Center

More divided than ever | Nov. 9, letter

Parties need a creed

This letter writer observed that most people don't even know what Barack Obama's policies are. Include me in that number.

Neither party bothers to put their beliefs in writing, so their policies can change with the winds of public opinion. Most churches have a creed so their members can know from day to day what they are supposed to believe and how they should act. Something like that in politics would be most helpful.

Jack Peel, Tampa

Obama to Nancy Reagan: Sorry for seance gaffe | Nov. 8

Unkind comment

Barack Obama has promised to reach across the aisle and bring unity to government. And yet, in his first news conference, he smeared the beloved former Republican first lady, Nancy Reagan.

What message does it send for unity when after his very first news conference he had to call Mrs. Reagan and apologize? This is the man who whined that his own wife is off limits.

President Bush has been on the receiving end of eight years of nasty comments, and his strong personal character kept him from retaliating. His humor has been well received, even by the press, but he never joked about the character of ladies on either side of the aisle.

President-elect Obama is going to be our president and I look forward to watching his beautiful little girls. He has an opportunity to do much good for the sake of our country. Let's watch and express our opinions. But let's do so with the hope of positive reaching across the aisle.

Kay Griffiths, Redington Beach

Obama faces weaker threat from al-Qaida Nov. 10, story

Facing the terrorists

We have President Bush to thank for taking a stand against al-Qaida, which, according to this article, will leave Barack Obama to face a weaker threat from them. Let's hope Obama does not share Bill Clinton's lack of courage demonstrated after the 1993 World Trade Center attack, or we can expect new escalation in this terrorist group and its attacks.

Four years of a president with the "ostrich head in the sand" mentality will provide ample time for terrorist organizations to build and plan. And Americans of all political beliefs will be their targets.

Jean Schutt, Tampa

Obama's victory, and America's | Nov. 5, editorial

Bush deserves better

Your usual elitist and condescending remarks regarding the lack of communication skills and intellectual vigor in President Bush's White House in the editorial celebrating Barack Obama's victory is sad. President Bush's experience in business, professional sports and as governor of Texas far surpasses the severe lack of experience of the smooth-taking Sen. Obama.

More important, since 1976 only Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush have taken strong stands against communism and terrorism. Had President Clinton taken strong measures against terrorism in places like Somalia and increased security measures during his administration, we very possibly would not have had to experience the 9/11 disaster.

Now we can look forward to wimpy foreign policy negotiations by Obama without preconditions. No wonder our enemies in Cuba, Venezuela and the Middle East are celebrating the Obama victory.

Michael Heraty, St. Petersburg

What a legacy

It is comical to hear George Bush compare his presidency to Harry Truman's. To paraphrase a quote of the late Sen. Lloyd Bentsen, "Mr. Bush, I remember Harry Truman. Harry Truman was a man of the people. Mr. Bush, you are no Harry Truman."

Bush's current goal is to establish his niche in history, to establish his legacy. Good luck. During his term he has managed to accumulate a national debt equal to all previous debts combined, get us into an unwinnable, unnecessary war at astronomical costs both human and financial, oversee our economy dip to depressionlike lows and ruin our standing in the would community. Truly a remarkable legacy.

Former Oklahoma football coach Barry Switzer's famous quote aptly describes Bush: "Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple."

John Henninger, Clearwater

Grocery prices

Waiting for a break

What a relief it is to see prices coming down at the gas pump.

So now that transportation costs are lower, when will food prices come down?

Lori Kurtz, St. Petersburg

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