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Universal health coverage needed

Health care boost is good, but more needed March 8, editorial

Universal health coverage needed

The comments were on target. Another issue for specialists are ancillary resources that may be required in specialists' efforts to treat patients.

At best, the clinic efforts provide a lot of services to needy residents, but true equity in health care requires universal health coverage. Until then, we will have to rely on a patchwork of services that still leave too many without adequate access to treatment.

Dr. Marc J. Yacht, Hudson

Martin needs to forgo her School Board seat March 5, editorial

Yes, either show up or bow out

One word comes to mind: respect. How can someone with any good conscience not give up her post after letting down voters, children, employees and a budget for more than two years?

Honestly, it's not about the excuses anymore. It's about morals and the fact that Cathi Martin doesn't see any reason to stop accepting her $37,714 annual salary and accompanying benefit package accorded to full-time district employees.

Martin needs to set the bar a lot higher and either rise to her obligations and responsibilities or bow out respectfully.

Christine Scott, New Port Richey

End Hildebrand's double-dipping

In these troubling economic times, with the massive budget cuts that are taking place at all levels of government, I for one am appalled by comments being made by our elected officials. I am particularly upset with the comment made by one of our county commissioners in Pasco County.

Ann Hildebrand, speaking of cuts being made or considered in Pasco County, said, "It's just a tragic web that is out there. And it's only going to escalate. I'm scared to death the county's not going to have the funds for outside (social service) agencies this coming year."

No kidding, but maybe she should take it a step further and do us taxpayers a great service and retire again!

She is a double-dipper at the taxpayers' expense and this needs to end once and for all. By her vacating her position, perhaps some funds could go to the many needed services being cut as we speak.

Or perhaps, those funds could be freed up so that some laidoff worker could get his or her job back. There are far too many people unemployed because of layoffs, trying to pay their mortgages and take care of their families while we have taxpayer-paid salaries going to politicians who are double-dipping.

It doesn't make sense to me, but I for one say, close that loophole and get these people out! Enough is enough

Tim Owen, New Port Richey

Complaint about work in city is old

It never ceases to amaze me that every time any sprucing up goes on in the city of Port Richey, there are a handful of people who think it's public works that is doing it to make a statement.

Out of all the city workers, there are only two workers that live in the city. All of the city employees have been through these accusations many times before. You need to find a new song because this one is old. The workers only do what they are told.

Judy Parisi, Port Richey

Don't they know there's a drought?

The powers that be at Beacon Woods love to pat themselves on the back while the rest of the homeowners suffer under their domination.

Once again the lawn Nazis are out, after a hard winter. Once again they are citing people for having brown lawns. This while the state is still in one of the worst droughts in history.

Ken Sturmer, Bayonet Point

Universal health coverage needed 03/09/09 [Last modified: Monday, March 9, 2009 7:03pm]
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