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U.S. Rep. Brown-Waite is wasting time on Nobel Prize issue

Get our okay before Nobel Prize, Obama told | Oct. 28, story

Lawmaker wasting time, money

When I read Alex Leary's article regarding U.S. Rep. Brown-Waite's assertion that President Barack Obama needs an okay from Congress before accepting the Nobel Peace Prize, my eyes rolled up into my forehead.

Assuming that the information from Joe Little of the University of Florida is correct, Brown-Waite is not making good use of her time.

Her Web site says she is a member of the Ways and Means Committee and committed to securing health care for veterans and Social Security benefits for retirees.

However, if she is committed to those causes as she claims on her site, she is truly wasting her time and our money with this one!

Terri Kraus, Spring Hill

Ignorance and bias

Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite's claim that the president must seek the permission of Congress before accepting the Nobel Peace Prize is patently absurd but oh so typical of her. She got the idea from an aide who was cruising the Net? Whatever her source, she will never be confused with a constitutional scholar.

Brown-Waite appears not to understand the difference between a "gift" and an "award" or prize. I doubt that she cares. She is more interested in the potential for media coverage.

What a phenomenal display of ignorance and bias. Brown-Waite has embarrassed herself and the people of Florida.

Bonnie Navin, Gulfport

Get our okay before Nobel Prize, Obama told Oct. 28, story

Try serving constituents

Honestly, aren't there more important issues Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite and her aides need to be working on? The congresswoman needs to stop her hand-wringing over our president and do her job.

Rather than carping and finding ways to dis President Barack Obama, Brown-Waite and her aides need to be focusing on the real issues facing her constituents every day. I'll bet the congresswoman and her aides could actually come up with an original idea on how to bring us affordable health care, relief for homeowners who are losing their homes and getting jobs for our district if they just refocused their energy on these issues.

Richard Magda, New Port Richey

A partisan ploy fit for the wastebasket Oct. 29, editorial

Not helping GOP

I have seen the polls lately concerning the drop in the number of people who identify themselves as Republicans. The numbers are in the 20 percent bracket, an all-time low for the GOP.

I can see why this is happening to the GOP. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite's behavior is a prime example of the out-of-touch thinking most of us deplore.

The president has done nothing wrong. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his vision to bring peace to the world, giving the United States a better plan for the future. The president also said he would give the proceeds to charity. What more can Brown-Waite want? For him to throw himself under a bus?

The way I see it, they just cannot get over the Democrats being in power and will stop at nothing to try to make him look bad. This is not the way to win back voters.

Joyce Zanone, Parrish

A part-time governor for a full-time job Oct. 27, editorial

Let's work to solve problems

In your editorial, you praise the memory of Gov. Jeb Bush because he "kept a far busier schedule and was determined to make a difference." The Times seems to be a lot more charitable in its evaluation of Jeb Bush's performance now than it was while he was in office only a few years ago. I suspect that this may also be true someday with Gov. Charlie Crist.

It is easy to blame a single person for the maladies that our state is suffering from. It is easy to find faults with our leaders. Surely it is easier to criticize them than to find solutions to our economic woes.

We need instead to search for answers and assess the situation, taking in the three variables of leadership: the leader, the led, and the situation. Both the leader and the led are responsible for finding solutions to our problems. As President John F. Kennedy once said, "It is my task to report the state of the Union — to improve it is the task of us all."

In order to solve our problems we need to identify the problems, analyze them, list courses of action, select the best courses of action, implement the selected solutions, and re-evaluate the implemented solution for effectiveness. The sooner we start the problem-solving process, the faster we will find the solutions we need. Let's start today.

Joseph Yob, Tampa

Crist: Obama's where? | Oct. 28, story

He's a chameleon

Our governor would like to have Floridians believe that he was never advised that the president of the United States would be visiting Florida.

The first time the president visited our state, Crist knocked everyone over to get the money the president was offering Florida in the way of a stimulus package because Florida could use the money to keep us from going broke. (Or is it "more broke"?)

Gov. Crist changes positions so often, one can't help but wonder how he keeps from crossing himself in his changeovers. He changes positions more than the chameleon changes colors.

In his op-ed Wednesday, Working every day for Florida, the only thing he doesn't take credit for is the fact Florida hasn't had a hurricane under his administration. Yet! In less than three years, Florida has had to go into protected state trusts and take money designated for other areas to keep our state operating. He has run the state like an inverted pyramid with the cities and counties paying the price of his valuable "tax cuts."

One cannot imagine the damage Gov. Crist could do to Florida if he had had more time!

Margaret Hyde, Clearwater

Plenty of nothing

Voters need not "question" whether Charlie Crist, Bill McCollum and Alex Sink are more interested in new titles than in tackling the challenges that come with their jobs — of course they are!

Crist's response to the St. Petersburg Times/Miami Herald review of his schedule — "I've got my phone with me" — is laughable. He might be nice, but he's done nothing, and will do nothing that might cause controversy for his Senate race, which means he will continue to do nothing except raise funds for his campaign.

This isn't a Republican/Democrat issue. It's an accountability issue. I am embarrassed that I wasted my vote for him.

Bill Travers, St. Petersburg

So soon gone

There's a song called After You Got What You Want, You Don't Want It. It must have been written for our Republican Florida politicians.

Mel Martinez, after representing us so nobly in the U.S. Senate as he … what did he do? Well, whatever. Tired of his responsibilities he simply opted out.

Charlie Crist sought and won the governorship and has succeeded in getting fewer insurance companies competing in Florida. What else? Well, whatever. Being governor isn't enough to hold Crist's fickle interests and now he's off and running for the U.S. Senate, leaving Florida to fend for itself.

Can't the Democrats find someone who burns to represent the best interests of Florida and our country? We need more than a smile and a promise.

Marjorie H. Diehl, Tampa

U.S. Rep. Brown-Waite is wasting time on Nobel Prize issue 10/29/09 [Last modified: Thursday, October 29, 2009 8:35pm]
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