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Use tourist tax for intended purpose

Use tourist tax for intended purpose

Let me understand what our county commissioners are sayings: Let's build some sport complexes with money that is designated for luring tourists. What percent of tourists are going to go to our sports complexes? Very few, I think.

I was under the impression this tax was to encourage tourists to come to Pasco. How about these silly ideas:

• Promote and do whatever is necessary to make our limited beaches in Pasco more attractive. Promote businesses to build near or around these places as Clearwater Beach does.

• How about a hotel overlooking the gulf? Again, think Clearwater Beach. Or how about a John's Pass type of place?

• We need more parking and good places to eat and to watch the sunsets.

• Promote the outer islands and sunsets to boaters and rent dock space to out-of-towners.

These are just some of the ideas for this tax. I'm not against the stadiums, but this tax money, I do not believe, was for this idea.

Bob Clark, Port Richey

It's true, there is a Scrooge in Pasco

We are losing our humanity and caring about the less fortunate. Some people like the mean-spirited author who commented on the Fasano clinic forget that we are not all born equal in our abilities and opportunities.

Is he not aware of the lack of jobs for many who want to work? Why is it that so many people are more concerned about the unborn than they are about helping those already alive? The clinic was built to shelter and help those who need it. Mike Fasano is to be complimented, not derided.

P. Hoines, Brooksville

Storm shelter will attract homeless | Dec. 18 letter

This letter writer lacks information

When I read the letter was stunned at first. So I read it again. And again, just to make sure I was actually understanding it correctly. The Mike Fasano Regional Hurricane Shelter will serve as a clinic for low-income individuals and the uninsured when not being used as a shelter during hurricanes. The letter writer commented, "Low income and uninsured equates to homeless."

This very statement is absolutely the most uninformed, uncaring and unbelievable statement I think I have ever read in my newspaper and I read it every single day. We live in a time when there are millions of uninsured people who work full-time jobs and support families.

Most of them that I know are actually middle class families who, because of the need to buy groceries, pay for their children's school lunches, etc. , cannot afford the high cost of health insurance.

As a paralegal who has had a successful career for almost 20 years, I nearly faced being uninsured recently and I have not only a cancer that is in remission, but a debilitating disease that does not allow me to work anymore.

Thank God for my husband's group policy because when I tried to get insurance myself, I couldn't. I was denied.

The letter writer should wake up. There are people living in his own neighborhood who cannot afford health insurance and, obviously, they are not homeless. And besides that, homeless people have a right to health care just as much as you and I do.

How dare he disparage these people. He doesn't don't know their stories and doesn't don't know why they are homeless. I suggest that he volunteer at a local homeless shelter this Christmas and purge his humbug spirit. Learn about human beings, because right now, he doesn't have a clue.

Beverly Dorsey, Spring Hill

Walk a while in a poor person shoes

I guess the letter writer has no idea what it's like to have a low income or be uninsured.

A lot of people cannot afford to pay the high fees doctors demand. Any tests ordered and/or prescriptions given to the patient is extra. There are a lot of people that can use these clinics to be treated when they are ill. Everyone is entitled to health care.

The letter writer also said, "low income and uninsured equates homeless." He needs to get his facts straight. Just because you're low income and uninsured, it doesn't mean you're homeless. A lot of people have been laid off and some cannot collect unemployment. This does not mean they are homeless. A lot of these people live with relatives or friends. They are actively looking for work. It's not easy right now finding another job in this tough economy!

Evidently the writer also doesn't think that you're entitled to safe shelter if you're unemployed temporarily. Most unemployed people have paid taxes all their lives. Just because they have been temporarily laid off, it doesn't mean they shouldn't be able to go to a shelter to ride out a storm!

Walk a mile in someone's shoes who is unemployed, uninsured and struggling financially and he may have a different attitude. I doubt it, though! People like that are set in their ways.

Cathy Prescott, Port Richey

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