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Using cows as a political argument is bull

Cows for political argument is bull

When Commissioner Jack Mariano described his fear of building a softball complex in a flood-prone area, it seemed Commissioner Michael Cox's sighting of two cows in shoulder deep water at the Starkey property was the logic that the commission needed to beat down Mariano's fears.

Just a few small items remained. Cows like standing in cool, deep water on a warm day. Cows don't have $50,000 to hire an attorney to protect them from the bright lights of the Sportsplex. Cows don't often vote, but if they did, they would vote for Mariano simply because they don't want Cox to use them as the logical reason for the commissioners to quiet Mariano's "parochial" concerns. Why? Because cows hate politics.

Hey, don't we all?

Kathy Lambert, Dade City

Not all is rotten in Ridgewood High | March 31 letter

Ridgewood still has great students

The letter writer from Ridgewood High School is right on the money. Yes, the school is a D school and has many problems, but it also has a great group of teachers and student body.

My son is a sophomore there. He is also an honors student and on the baseball team. They are a great group of young men with a bright future ahead of them. My daughter graduated from there in 2007 when it was also a D school. She was a straight A student who is now a USF student majoring in elementary education.

All you have to do is read the paper to see that all schools in this area have problems, not just Ridgewood.

The teachers have our children for 6 hours a day, and it is the responsibility of all parents to be involved in their child's education from Day 1. Yes, there are issues at Ridgewood, but I believe the majority of the student body is good students who have a bright future ahead of them because of the teachers there.

Debbie Suriano Port Richey

Senior debt comes at others expense | March 24 guest column

Seniors worked plenty hard

Guest columnist Jim Gries gave me the impression that we seniors should be vastly ashamed of making intelligent decisions or just by living to take all the freedoms that are available to us old folks.

We in the age group of 70 and older started our working life making 50 cents an hour and contributing to the family coffers. Most of our parents eked out a living.

Now our children and grandchildren have much higher incomes and a better lifestyle than many of us greedy seniors. We don't ask for entitlements that we didn't earn for ourselves.

So, just be thankful what we have left as our legacy: Good health, wealth and a work ethic that made this country great.

Richard Larry, New Port Richey

Reform shows dark side of democracy | March 28 guest column

Reform reveals politics' dark side

To believe that the "raucous" behavior of a few in the U.S. over an unpopular piece of legislation is "showing nations around the world a darker side to democracy" is just plain silly and an insult to the collective intelligence of those nations .

The health care legislation has, perhaps, revealed a dark side, not of democracy, but of the political process. The real dark side has been the lack of promised transparency, the special deals cut and intimidation tactics used to advance this legislation and most importantly the lack of representation of the people's will by those we voted into office.

Despite the writer's claim that the majority has ruled, the fact is that RealClearPolitics' poll of polls has consistently shown that most Americans, have, by substantial margins, rejected Obamacare as currently written.

What we have here is tyranny by the minority, where 60 senators, many from states where the populations do not want this legislation, voted the agenda of their party masters. A recent Rasmussen poll indicated that 81 percent of Americans believe that Congress is interested primarily in their own careers while only 9 percent believe that Congress is interested in their constituents. This belief seems to be affirmed by the health care vote

Senators who accepted special deals in exchange for votes are finding that the integrity of their constituents outweighs their own as the people have repudiated their senators' behavior and votes. According to published reports, Florida's Bill Nelson's favorable ratings have dropped almost 35 percent since his re-election.

Most Americans understand that entitlement programs, once established tend to grow far beyond the budgets anticipated. And while the writer avoids mention of the cost of the program and the impact of the tax burden upon our children and grandchildren, most Americans understand this too.

To implement this program when Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid face imminent bankruptcy is madness based on wishful thinking.

This legislation will be contested as constitutional scholars disagree as to whether all facets of the law are in fact legal. Neither opponents nor proponents of the legislation should denigrate those who legitimately seek to clarify the constitutionality of the law, it is too important to the future.

Tom Waldbart, Wesley Chapel

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