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Voices in support of THE Bus go unheard

Voices supporting bus go unheard

People ride public transportation and they pay as they go; it's not free.

Hernando County Administrator David Hamilton said about his town hall meetings: "Even though it's very time consuming, it's time very well spent. People appreciate being able to voice their opinions before we get to the final stages of the budgeting process. For me it's also a learning opportunity."

Then why did the five commissioners hold a public meeting on June 23 and, in plain words, jerk us around into thinking we could come, hope and pray that it would be to our need — for the drivers, working people, volunteers, retired and elderly who pay their way, always with pleasure — to have THE Bus service restored?

Public transportation is not here to make a profit but a way of living.

Rosemary Sonnenberg, Spring Hill

Coach gets his at players' expense

Although a tragedy for all of the children, justice did prevail in the Dixie League Baseball game.

An out-of-the park home run by a 12-year-old was stolen by an umpire who, by the way, umpires for the Spring Hill Nationals. And a coach is so obsessed about winning, he forgets about the children, causes chaos to the point that even his own team parents are embarrassed of him for trying his best as a manager for his team to win.

I won't get involved in the significance of the rules. The play was never protested correctly to begin with. By the way, Hunter touched home plate, twice. I was there.

It is justice at its best; what goes around comes around. Let us never forget the game is about the children — not self-absorbed, out-of-control adults.

Let the children play.

Mark Guidetti, Clermont

Springstead is model of success

Recently the Florida Department of Education released the school grades based on the 2008-09 FCAT results. F.W. Springstead received a grade of "B" for the second year in a row and for the third time in the past five years. Our school grade and academic excellence are the result of a collective vision on the part of the entire Springstead staff, students, parents and community.

The faculty operates within the realm of continuous professional improvement and the determination of knowing the intellectual process that is required for success. The Springstead faculty has an incredible ability to connect with all students. They find the ways to help students meet today's challenges of achievement and personal growth. When students become empowered and confident in their ability to succeed and achieve, they will always rise to the challenges, expectations and standards.

The goals and visions for Springstead High School are also fully supported by the noninstructional staff. The award-winning custodial department is diligent in providing a campus and facility that showcases the pride it has in the school. The cafeteria staff works with a strong motivation in ensuring our students have a variety of nutritional meals each day. Our secretaries go above and beyond in providing a positive approach and efficient manner with the daily clerical support for teachers, students and parents.

Parents are also very important in the success of this school. Our parents support the foundations for academic achievement by emphasizing to their children the value of daily attendance, time management strategies and learning.

The Springstead testing office has been paramount in providing the incredibly difficult and detailed logistic support for testing all of our students in the best environment possible.

I have great respect for the Springstead teachers, support staff, students and parents. They are all consistent in their support of the ABCs of Springstead: Advancing excellence, Building community and Choosing responsibility.

The pride at Springstead creates the understanding of the process that it takes to create success in performance. In all areas, Springstead High School is to be commended.

Susan Duval, principal, Springstead High School

Voices in support of THE Bus go unheard 07/16/09 [Last modified: Thursday, July 16, 2009 5:09pm]
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