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Voters should blame themselves

Democrat losers have themselves to blame, Nov. 7 C.T. Bowen column

Voters should blame themselves

No, C.T. Bowen, there are millions of voters who have themselves to blame.

There is an old adage that voters deserve the government they get. Opinion journalists like you lead citizens to believe that government is there to take care of every problem while vote-seeking legislators of every persuasion have responded by driving the country into bankruptcy.

The 2010 midterm election returns were a protest vote against the Democrats, not an endorsement of Republicans. The case in point is the results of the 2006 and 2008 elections electing Democrat majorities to the House, Senate and presidency in protest because Republicans legislated like Democrats.

All newly elected legislators and incumbents will be on trial in the next two, four and six years if they want to be re-elected. That depends on them delivering on their campaign promises. All of your wishes that the Democrats should have done more were based on robbing Peter to pay Paul. That's why Americans will continue to face years of debts and deficits if we don't vote them out of office when and if they forget the lessons of 2010.

Shirley Mellecker, New Port Richey

Republicans had recipe to win

C.T. Bowen's column on Sunday, Nov. 7, is clearly off track. He blames the Democrats for not fielding candidates. The truth is (Pasco Democratic chairwoman) Alison Morano and many Democrats were apparently uninspired by U.S. Senate candidate Kendrick Meek and other candidates. In a county of over 700 square miles and a total of 297,650 voters, for example, there were no obvious signs for Meek or Sink.

If the Democrats had an office open, no one knew about it. Republicans, on the other hand, had four offices: Hudson, Dade City, Lutz and New Port Richey. Republicans had in excess of $100,000 in the party's treasury.

The difference here is that Republicans were willing to work for their candidates, and candidates such as Marco Rubio, Jeff Atwater, Pam Bondi, Adam Putnam and Rick Scott made numerous visits to Pasco.

It wasn't that the Democrats didn't do enough. The Republicans had great candidates, active volunteers, the money, and motivation — all of which combined to win the elections.

We are proud of our candidates and are delighted that we elected them by overwhelming numbers. A special thanks goes to all our volunteers, including some Democrats, who helped us with an outstanding victory.

Bill Bunting, Republican state committeeman, Hudson

Miller attacking Main Street

New Port Richey City Council member Ginny Miller says she would like to see the Greater New Port Richey Main Street organization become successful, but her recent actions suggest that she would prefer to see this organization just go away.

At Tuesday night's City Council meeting, she requested that the new director of Main Street provide her with copies of all the minutes for every meeting Main Street has held for the last seven years. She is requesting this at a time when the new director is working hard on Main Street Holidays, an event that Main Street uses to raise funds to run the organization. The new director is also trying to organize a new membership drive and other fundraising events. Bob Langford's and Ginny Miller's recent votes caused the resignation of long-time director Judy Thomas. Now, Miller continues attacking the organization when the new director needs to focus on moving this organization forward.

Ginny, as a teacher, what assignment do you want to give to this class? Do you want Main Street to work on rebuilding the organization and raising funds, or would you prefer for its staff to spend its time in the office engaging in a paper chase for you?

Council member Rob Marlowe was right when he said Ginny's actions are equivalent to "running over a dog with your car, then going back and kicking the dog some more."

Jim Smetzer, New Port Richey

Campaign debts now up to citizens

Well the ink is hardly dry on the voting ballets and it's time for the elected Republicans to pay back the contributors to their campaigns. This is mainly the developers that have lobbied to get out from under impact fees.

So now the county commissioners, sitting as the Metropolitan Planning Organization, are considering raising taxes. Of course Republicans don't raise taxes; they create fees and put a lovely name on it, maybe like "mobility.''

And in their infinite thinking, they feel these impact taxes should be lifted from the backs of the developers and spread around to all the citizens of Pasco County in the act of fairness. And to put the cherry on the so-called fees, they also are going to raise your gasoline taxes.

But not to worry citizens of Pasco County, the fun is just starting and you ain't seen nothing yet. Rick Scott has already broken his first promise to do a clean sweep. And he has surrounded himself with a lot of the good ol' boys in Tallahassee. So the dreams of the people of Pasco County have come true, and they have turned out to become nightmares.

Dave Trump, Holiday

Give sheriff funds to keep us safe

I have lived here in Pasco County for the past 35 years. I have also owned my own business here for 30 years, before retiring last year. It saddens me greatly to see this once fine place to live and raise a family change so drastically in the past several years.

The murders, rapes and child abuse cases that seem to dominate our headlines lately have certainly sent a chill up the backs of all us citizens, young or old. I have never met Sheriff Bob White nor have I had any dealings with the department. But I do realize that when our sheriff goes to the means he has to ask for additional funds to put more boots on the ground, then I, as a loyal taxpayer, say to our elected officials: Give the sheriff whatever he needs to continue to keep our fine county safe.

Richard R. Levenson, New Port Richey

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