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Voters should give Democrats a chance in Tallahassee

At wit's — er, rainbow's — end | May 10, Howard Troxler column

Let's give other party a chance

We are very fortunate to have Howard Troxler looking after us regarding the Legislature. He has informed us completely as to how the Florida Legislature is destroying our state.

The Republican National Committee is complaining about "one party rule," and they had years to make it right. But we all know how that turned out. Finally the people turned them out.

Now it is time now for Floridians to turn out the Republicans in Tallahassee. If Gov. Charlie Crist doesn't veto all of their recently proposed projects it will be a terrible catastrophe for the people of this state.

I for one do not understand how the voters in November went by the thousands to the polls to elect Barack Obama and then turned to the other columns to elect Republicans once again to the Legislature.

Let's do it right next time. Give the people in our state a break: Vote Democratic.

June Einboden, St. Petersburg

More information needed

As Howard Troxler pointed out, this was a historic legislative session for Florida. And while I commend the Times' coverage in general, there was a very noticeable gap: hardly any coverage of what our individual legislators and senators did or said.

It is the responsibility of the Fourth Estate to report, in an unbiased fashion, the goings on of our delegation so that we will have the needed information to make sound judgments when we next go to the polls. That did not happen.

We have little information on what bills members of our delegation sponsored or co-sponsored, and we do not know what positions they took on issues and, with few exceptions, how they voted. And yet we have the obligation to make informed decisions about whether or not we want to send them back to represent us again.

Sorry, Times, but you failed us on that count.

Larry Silver, Oldsmar

At wit's — er, rainbow's — end | May 10, Howard Troxler column

Fisherman finds a new perspective on Legislature

The economy is unsettled at best, unemployment is rising, the state of homeowners insurance is shaky, we are running out of water yet continue to pump it out of the aquifer to the point that sinkholes occur and swallow entire homes. And Tallahassee spent time debating religious license plates.

However, in a bold move, the lawmakers showed themselves swift to act in finding new sources of revenue. Did they review and rework the addle-brained sales tax break on yachts and aircraft? Goodness no.

They will pump money into our state economy by requiring a fishing license for anyone fishing from shore. Granted, the license only costs $7.50 per year and is much needed by the horribly underfunded Florida Marine Patrol. But I think the next time I put on my $10 sneakers and wade out on my favorite flat, I'm going to look at the passing yachts in a different way.

Tim Dowd, Dunedin

At wit's — er, rainbow's — end | May 10, Howard Troxler column

Time for a change

Thank you, Howard Troxler, for providing a forthright diagnosis with several solutions to the stagnant, incompetent Florida Legislature!

Troxler's solutions are practical, reflect common sense and encompass the many problems within our Legislature.

The United States follows a federal system of government. That is why I'm glad he reminded readers and citizens that state laws and policies most often affect citizens more directly than national laws and policies. Thus, I hope the representatives in Tallahassee will actually change their endemic ways, for a better Legislature, for a better Florida, and for a better nation.

Nora Zaki, Lithia

At wit's — er, rainbow's — end | May 10, Howard Troxler column

Try the unicameral way

I agree with Howard Troxler's article in last Sunday's Perspective. I've been a Florida resident and registered Republican for 53 years, and I cannot believe how the Republican-dominated House and Senate have fouled up the state of Florida for quite a few years now. They just don't get it. I think it's time for a major housecleaning.

Throw all of them out and start over! We should go with the unicameral system that has been working in the state of Nebraska since 1937. (It's the only state that has it.) That state has one legislative body consisting of 49 members and they serve only two four-year terms. On even numbered years, they meet for 60 days, and on odd numbered years, meet for 90 days. It works very well for them.

We're stuck with 40 Senate members and 120 House members who can't agree on anything. They are mired in their own egos. It's time for a different approach now.

Willam A. Martin, Dunedin

Pelosi: CIA lied | May 15

Unseemly display

I was shocked and disappointed Friday morning when I looked in your paper for an article on the controversy regarding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her irreverent public display concerning the CIA. I was appalled when I finally found a one paragraph "summary" on Page 2A.

Pelosi is second in line to be the president! Accusing the intelligence community of lying — in public no less — flies in the face of protecting our nation. The Taliban and those countries that despise the United States are laughing in their disbelief of our humiliating display of what was once precious, secret "intelligence."

First we open our most secret memos to tell our enemies that if they are captured, we'll do no more than what a Catholic school nun does to a child misbehaving in class: rap them on the knuckles and expect them to cough up plots of bombing bridges and buildings on our soil. Surely they chuckle at America.

Now the speaker makes a public display of what she knew, when she knew it, who did or didn't tell her what practices were in place or going to be in place to gain significant information — intelligence.

Why not praise the CIA and FBI for the plots of destruction they've foiled? Those memos have not been provided to Americans to show how the work of the CIA and FBI has saved our way of life. These agencies' dedicated work is done best when secret from the enemy; it's not for public display.

Vincent Mazzara, Land O'Lakes

What Pelosi knew

Distracting arguments

Among the things I simply do not understand are the claims and counterclaims as to whether or when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi or other Democrats were aware that the Bush administration had authorized or directed waterboarding and other practices constituting torture.

Nearly everyone except the former vice president and his family acknowledges that torture was in fact used, that it was used after intelligence had been obtained through nontorture techniques and was used for political purposes not related to terrorists' threats.

Expanding the group of individuals who may have been aware of the practices and their illegality doesn't absolve those who directed that torture be utilized.

Jim Stillman, Lutz

Hot in here? | May 14

Their cool costs us

Swiftmud admits that the rules are not being enforced, yet here is a list of verified offenders! I wonder if any of them will get a warning or a fine.

Progress Energy's lobby was 74.8 degrees? Shame on them. As long as they are cool and comfortable our rates go up.

M. Wolfe, St. Petersburg

Mother's Day gem

It was a joy to read Gary Shelton's story The Linebacker's Mom on Mother's Day.

Having lived in Nebraska all my life until 16 years ago, I knew Barrett Ruud's grandparents, Jim and Joan Swanson, and their young daughters. Barrett's mother, Jaime, was one of those young daughters. They were a delightful family.

The Linebacker's Mom was the best I have seen on the front page of the St. Petersburg Times for a long, long time. Thanks to you and Gary Shelton.

Jane B. Archerd, Clearwater

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