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Want personal security? Make choices, take action

Give sheriff the money he needs Sept. 26 letter

Want security? Take action

I agree in principle with the letter regarding the necessity for providing adequate security in Pasco County. The writer correctly mentioned the necessity to provide safety for our children and seniors, those most likely to need help because they are generally the ones who are most easily targeted.

If that alone is not enough to convince you, I can tell you from personal experience that without appropriate security, the property values — your property value — will decline. Why? Because no one will knowingly purchase a house in an area that has a high crime rate. At the very least, with higher crime rates, your homeowner's insurance will increase. Furthermore, the businesses in an area of high crime will suffer. Customers do not like to put themselves in danger when shopping.

Here are your choices: Insist that the Sheriff's Office provide appropriate security or cut the sheriff's budget and pay more insurance with the risk that you (or your children or senior parents) will be the next target.

As an alternative, I will suggest that you and neighbors organize a functional crime-watch group. Set up a phone or e-mail network to keep each other informed. Also, the Sheriff's Office will be glad to help you in this effort.

The first duty of government is the safety of its citizens. Everything else is secondary.

Joseph Godsey, New Port Richey

Public safety is priority one

If I ever have to dial 911 for an emergency I want a whole bunch of people to respond. I want them to be driving nice, new, shiny vehicles. I want them to have the most modern equipment available. I want them to be wearing nice new uniforms so they look and feel professional. Most of all, I want them to be happy to see me because we pay them a fair wage and give them good benefits.

Pasco County commissioners, that is your No. 1 responsibility. Give the sheriff what he needs. Give the fire chief what he needs to protect the citizens of our county. If you have any tax money left, pay for whatever else you can. Maybe you could cut the commission budget.

Vern Richardson, Land O'Lakes

Use care with pet medicine

I'd like to know where the help is for our pets. It's amazing how we as human beings, when we are down and out, there is some help that we can get, especially medically. But, when it comes to our pets, no one gives any information as to where there is help for a pet that has become part of your family.

My husband and I are both on disability and had a very sick dog. We did not know where to turn. We could not borrow money because of bankruptcy and losing our home.

I took the dog to the vet, but could not afford the testing (it would have cost hundreds of dollars) so our dog was given medicine. After he was given the second dose, he was worse; we knew he wasn't going to make it, so we had him put to sleep. He was suffering badly.

The following day I looked up the side effects; he had every one of them, and there was no chance of him getting better. I also read online where other people had the same problems. Please, read all side effects and any information on medicines before you give them to your pets. Get more than one opinion.

I am an animal lover, but I don't think I will own another because I'm devastated.

Emma DeMunguia, New Port Richey

Want personal security? Make choices, take action 09/29/10 [Last modified: Wednesday, September 29, 2010 7:38pm]
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