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Water rates rise as use decreases, but why?

Water rates going up

The more you save, the more you lose

I find it a tad strange to see that our water rates are going up because we've done such a fine job conserving. It just doesn't make sense.

It could be a Seinfeld episode. I can see it now, George telling Jerry that the less water he uses, the higher his rates go.

Maybe we should all leave the faucets on along with the sprinklers. This would surely lower our rates again.

I guess these folks are taking a lesson from the big oil companies: use less gas as a nation and prices keep climbing.

So remember folks, leave the lights on, keep the AC down low, take long showers, flush the toilet often and use lots of gasoline or our water, power and gas bills will rise.

It's a strange world.

Craig Costa, St. Petersburg

TRIM notice

The more you lose, the more you pay

So, the 2010 Notice of Proposed Property Taxes has arrived. Whoopee.

As expected, the market value of my house has decreased from last year. Last year it had decreased from the previous year, etc.

But, even including the homestead exemption and Save Our Homes cap, my taxes have increased. Last year's taxes were higher than the year before.

What gives? Yes, I read the dang notice and the TRIM Guide where explanations were given, but I'm still disgusted.

B.J. Mitchell, St. Petersburg

School hours

Drowsy teens can't succeed in class

I have a bus stop on my corner. Every morning by 6:10 a.m., five teens converge on that corner, in the dark, and stand numbly waiting for the bus. They are standing up and yet still asleep.

Teens are not wired physiologically to be up and functioning that early. So you have sleep-deprived kids sleeping in front of frustrated, discouraged teachers.

I have no confusion as to why our local schools are failing. Respect a teen's natural body rhythms, check out private schools that start at the reasonable hour of 8 a.m. and see what they have to say about how their kids are doing.

Our schools need fixing? Look at the big picture.

Heidi Sumner, St. Petersburg

The Pier

Give new icon that million-dollar look

After coming across a St. Petersburg postcard from 1928, I saw for the first time the original "Million Dollar Pier." It was a very handsome structure.

I would urge the committee in charge of rebuilding the Pier to study this earlier building and consider constructing something along the same lines.

It has the classic look of the nearby Vinoy. Even BayWalk has some similarities. So there would be an architectural theme throughout and a style that would be timeless as opposed to the current inverted pyramid, as well as some of the modernist styles going around these days, which may look dated in 20 years.

Sometimes it makes sense to look at history to solve present-day issues.

George Chase, St. Pete Beach

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Water rates rise as use decreases, but why? 09/04/10 [Last modified: Friday, September 3, 2010 2:38pm]
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