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We have no right to take down flags in Clearwater

Re: Flags ditched to save money | story, Aug. 1

No right to take down any flags

What qualifies as important to our city planners? We have money for new plants and new flowers (all need to be maintained). We got a new and unnecessary road reconstruction on Cleveland Street. Not only that, but the new pieces of jutting concrete have been hit several times. What happens when someone gets seriously hurt and sues the city over unnecessary road blockage? No one ever had trouble driving down Cleveland before. I do my very best to avoid that area at all times now.

As long we have servicemen and women fighting for our freedom here in the USA, we have no right to remove one single flagpole or flag, unless it is worn and needs replacing. The Veterans Administration will give the city of Clearwater new flags, if they are available. I have two that were earned by my family men fighting for our freedom, which I will donate to save the city money and so we can show our pride that we should have in America.

You say it costs to have lights on the flags. Take them down at night and put them back up at dawn if money is that short.

We should hang our heads in shame if we allow one flag to be removed.

Fran Glaros-Sharp, Clearwater

Re: Dangerous, yes, but who cares? | story, July 30

Texting drivers should be stopped

Driving your car daily as most of us do, you definitely see some puzzling, frightening, even silly activities. Your article hit on a frightening one. Add texting drivers to sleepy, inattentive, even drunken drivers, and this is a dangerous minefield we must traverse.

So, why have we just made "no seat belts" a primary law for stopping a vehicle? That is the least of my worries. If drivers don't have their seat belts on, it may endanger their lives, but it won't have anything to do with endangering mine.

Can someone with some judgment review and reassess and please un-demonize seat belt noncompliance and replace it with a law on cell phone use and especially texting while driving? Yes, I, too, talk while driving, but I will be glad to give up this right to save others and myself.

Dorian M. Zupko, Largo

Re: Dangerous, yes, but who cares? | story, July 30

Suspend licenses as texting penalty

Suspended license for one week — I think that would be the only penalty that would get these kids and adults to stop texting while driving.

Anna Tripodis, Clearwater

Re: Public sector jobs shifting to volunteers Diane Steinle column, July 19

Let officials get their hands dirty

Ms. Steinle states that our government officials now would like us, the very people who put them in office, to volunteer if we would like to continue to use the very services which we now pay for with our property taxes and sales taxes.

I seem to recall that when I moved here (not my choice) in 1985, there were a lot fewer homes and people than there are now, and yet there were no reductions of hours at our libraries or at our parks. The police and fire departments were fully operational and there were no shortages. All this with a smaller real estate tax base and a lower sales tax.

And now our government officials hope you will volunteer. And some of the jobs they have for you to do aren't easy. There is mowing, weeding, pruning, digging on acres and acres of land in every park. Having volunteers perform these services would not work because they do not have the same obligation to show up for work that employees do. Sounds like our government officials, so I propose that we get rid of them and replace them with volunteers. Then, we take all the replaced officials and have them volunteer to do the mowing, weeding, pruning and digging in all those acres of parks and see if that was such a good idea.

It's only a good idea if someone else has to do the dirty work. I say let them get their hands dirty and see how it feels.

If you enjoy these facilities and don't want access to them further reduced, ask your government official to volunteer. His help has never been more needed.

Frank Dalessandro, Palm Harbor

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