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We need instant runoff voting

We need instant runoff voting

Every two years are the same problems. There are multiple offices with three or more candidates. Pick one and the winner gets less than 50 percent of the vote in an already anemic turnout.

There were four winners who received less than 50 percent of the vote in Hernando County this time. The system works so badly, we get the least worst. No one bothers coming to vote anymore.

Instant runoff voting (IRV) guarantees a majority winner every time and eliminates the spoiler effect. Voters rank their first, second and third choices and if there is no majority winner, the lowest candidate's ballots are tabulated again with the second choices to the remaining candidates. It guarantees a winner with at least 50 percent.

It's constitutional because it provides one person with one vote. It's simple, fair and encourages better candidates and more voter interest. Petitions are being gathered now to bring IRV to Brooksville. Visit

William Gilbert, Weeki Wachee

Women voters, be there Nov. 4

I am sure that the women Democrats who did not vote on Tuesday had very good excuses for their absence. I would urge all such persons to check their calendar for Nov. 4; we have another election then.

Of course, many will be engaged with the sales at the mall or at their hair appointment. Some will complain that their nasty knee began to hurt and they had to nap and yet others will simply "not know" since their minds are filled with the complex dynamics of dishes and laundry and the new judge on American Idol.

America asks her citizens for a few moments every year or so, a few moments of Americans' time, to set the course of government. It is a course that might seem boring to those within the complex dynamics of dishes and laundry and hairstyles and sales, but a course, nonetheless, that should carry some importance.

Boring choices such as a war, women's right to choose, home­owners' ability to stay in their homes, increasing alternative energy, creating jobs, health care for all Americans. It's not at all as exciting as American Idol, or as refreshing as a nap, but once every four years, women Democrats should find a few minutes to vote.

Consider just one little boring choice: violence against women. The Democratic vice presidential candidate, Sen. Joe Biden, co-sponsored the Violence Against Women Act. John McCain jokes about rape and belittled a young Chelsea Clinton.

Got time?

Peno Hardesty, New Port Richey

Simpler is better for schoolkids

Once upon a time, an elementary school was a place where children came to learn basic subjects, which were rounded out with art, music, physical education and recess.

Classrooms were structured. Quizzes and tests were given to gauge progress and report cards were simply letter grades. Behavior issues were rare. However, when there was a disciplinary problem, it was dealt with immediately. Students had the security of consistency and knew there were consequences if they chose to push the limits.

It was a simple time without scads of paperwork that no mere mortal teacher should have to do. Thanks to the ludicrous ideas from the federal government, we have accomplished not leaving any child left behind. Instead, we are leaving all the children behind.

Why does the wheel have to be reinvented when it was turning just fine? What would happen if parents would do their job and parent? Teachers could do their jobs and teach and children could be children and just learn and have fun.

Everyone would live happily ever after.

Terry Maher, New Port Richey

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