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Wednesday letters: Bankers' proposal to cut courts out of foreclosures would hurt housing market

Banks say cut out the courts | Jan. 29

Bank proposal would hurt housing

The Florida Bankers Association proposed legislation that would ultimately allow banks to take away homeowner rights and take property when the homeowners fall behind in their payment.

The proposal would allow lenders to skip the courts and be able to displace someone from their homes in as little as 90 days. Today foreclosures are taking as much as 18 months. That time is long and costly for banks, but they are, in many cases, creating their own problems by clogging the court system with foreclosure cases where the same property is being either sold short or modified.

The proposed move would also mean fewer short sales because the bank would be able to foreclose faster than any other process could get started. More homeowners would simply give up, throw in the keys and walk away. Today more and more lenders are working with homeowners and with short sales. The gain the banks expect from legal fees and court costs would be offset by a dramatic rise in the number of foreclosures.

There is no question that the great number of troubled loans in Florida and throughout our nation put an enormous strain on Florida's banking system. Under the bank lobby's proposal, lenders would certainly achieve a faster resolution to a delinquent loan. What they fail to consider is the effect of the additional foreclosures on property prices in our state. Right now prices are holding steady in the Tampa Bay area despite the fact that a majority of home sales are distressed properties. If that number were to dramatically increase, the effect on our market could be devastating.

Banks would be better advised to work harder with homeowners on mortgage modification, short sale and deeds in lieu of foreclosure instead of attempting to take away the rights of Florida's homeowners.

I encourage every homeowner in Florida to call members of the Florida Legislature today and tell them not to give away their property rights to the banks.

Greg Armstrong, Realtor and homeowner, Trinity

GOP is clicks and tweets ahead of Democrats Feb. 1,

Social media are only adding to the trash talk

My teenager joins the "trash talk" while playing other video gamers all over the country. Being "owned" is a common phrase.

But again … it is trash talk — valueless, puffed- up pride, not worth anything. And that is what is going out from politicians: a soapbox litany of the same shallow-depth talking points that we hear the talking heads spout on TV.

The devout among our citizens follow their respective political holy ones, whether Republican or Democrat, and they get to hear the sweet reassurances of what they already believe — educating no one and convincing no one of a new point of view.

Yes, it is trash talk.

Ed Goebel, St. Petersburg

GOP is clicks and tweets ahead of Democrats Feb. 1,

Little to say

Why is there surprise that the GOP leads in social media. The reason that they lead is simply because their entire gamut of ideas can be summed up neatly in one tweet.

George Bickner, Largo

GOP is clicks and tweets ahead of Democrats Feb. 1,

Mainstream assistance

Robert Farley's article concerning the way the GOP is ahead of the Democrats in utilizing the Internet to reach the public fails to point out one important factor.

With polls indicating that about 80 percent of the mainline national media lean to the liberal point of view, Democrats don't need to rely on the Internet to get their message out. A large majority of our media does their work for them.

Dale Behler, Homosassa

GOP is clicks and tweets ahead of Democrats Feb. 1,

Other things to do

Thank you for your insightful analysis on House Republican leader John Boehner's claim of Republican dominance in the use of social media in Congress. After reading your analysis I came to these conclusions:

1. John Boehner can occasionally make a true statement (six of 19 statements were ruled "True" by Politifact).

2. This is what the Republicans in Congress are doing with all the free time they have by voting no on everything and refusing to participate in governing our country.

So it's no wonder the Democrats are behind the Republicans in using social media. They're too busy doing the people's work!

Richard Magda, New Port Richey

On the bright side

Three positive things that President Barack Obama has done in his first year in office that have been good for the American people:

1. He has failed to close Guantanamo Bay prison.

2. He has failed to get health care legislation passed.

3. He has failed to get cap-and-trade (climate change) legislation passed.

Thank you, Mr. President. Let's keep up the good work and just maybe America will survive until 2012.

James F. Dahmer, Tampa

Nation of rancor

What is going on? I have noticed for the past while that everybody has been having issues.

What is happening to us as a society? It seems that everybody lately has been running hot. People have been questioning their position in relationships, or re-evaluating friendships. Some want to hold grudges, while others are blocking people out.

The attitude of "sacrifice for the greater good" has been taken too far when the words "for my personal benefit" are following.

I'm not saying that we should all hold hands and everything will be better. Sure, there needs to be discussions and disagreements on things, but what has happened to the idea that sometimes you are wrong? I guess it was just that, a good idea seldom practiced.

The pettiness that people have gotten to is downright ridiculous. I know it has been stated countless times before, but where has common courtesy gone?

Timothy Shorter, St. Petersburg

Wednesday letters: Bankers' proposal to cut courts out of foreclosures would hurt housing market 02/02/10 [Last modified: Tuesday, February 2, 2010 6:33pm]
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