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Wednesday letters: Why is GOP the perpetual target?

Republican Party of Florida cracks whip on free thinkers | April 25, editorial

Why is GOP the perpetual target?

After reading this Times editorial, I have to wonder again: Do the Times' editors ever actually stop to think about the arguments they present bashing everything the Republicans do? Do they ever consider that the same tactics they abhor and criticize Republicans for on one issue are the same tactics that Democrats use to ram through their agenda on another issue?

A couple of weeks ago, it was the Times' editorial condemning the Republican's "arrogant attempt to reform schools," as the Times put it, which could be compared almost word for word to the Democrats' arrogant (now unfortunately successful) attempt to ram through health care reform.

This time, the Times attacks the Republican Party of Florida for cracking the whip on free thinkers. Do those editors in their wildest dreams even remotely recognize that all their rhetoric blasting Republicans for threatening to rebuke fellow Republicans who might support Gov. Charlie Crist as an independent is not one iota different from the threats by the leaders of the Democratic Party to rebuke any of their members who did not vote for Obamacare? They do remember, I assume, those openly arrogant threats to oppose any "free thinking" Democrats up for re-election who did not toe the party line. I never read a single word in the Times criticizing Democrats for their "heavy handed and hypocritical" tactics in forcing Obamacare on the American population.

My point here is not to debate the pros and cons of these issues. My purpose is to question the perpetual, blatantly one-sided presentation of all Republican vs. Democrat issues by the St. Petersburg Times. Just once, I would like to see the Times perform its duty as a major newspaper by sincerely questioning just one thing the Democrats and President Barack Obama do.

Ted Milios, Hudson

Crist forced out of shrinking GOP tent April 25, Tim Nickens column

Crist has shown no leadership backbone

It is not right to say that Charlie Crist "is in the same place he has always been" and it is "everyone else who has moved." I, for one, have not moved. I was a moderate when I voted for Charlie Crist and I am a moderate now. I would be a big Crist supporter if he had shown any leadership or backbone.

1. Crist promised insurance reform. Florida is in a very precarious position with our expensively developed coastlines, but Crist simply ignores our vulnerability.

2. Crist promised property tax reform. We got a bill, but we never got genuine property tax reform.

3. Crist promised to care about the people of Florida, but then signed a bill removing growth management restrictions for developers.

4. Crist promised to care about the environment of Florida, but has wavered on drilling in the gulf.

Charlie Crist may have been a decent attorney general, but he is no leader and he really is no moderate. I will not vote for him, not because of his alleged postpartisanship or his alleged moderation, but because he blows with the wind. Appointments and decisions certainly don't seem to be made from the paradigm of a true leader but rather from that of a political climber.

Former state GOP chairman Tom Slade said it well: "He got elected education commissioner and spent the entire time running for attorney general. He got to be attorney general and spent the entire time running for governor. When he got to be governor, he spent the first two years running for vice president and the last two running for the United States Senate. … We want someone in government that cares more about us than him."

Rebecca Johnson, New Port Richey

Arizona's immigration law

It's the right idea

Congratulation's to the Arizona governor for signing this legislation to help the legal citizens of the state! Crime is out of control there and law enforcement has had their hands tied.

We here in Florida need this same courage to protect our legal citizens and basic fairness. Enforce the law! Arizona's the first to say enough is enough!

Ronald Payne, Safety Harbor

Okay with showing ID

Following the furor surrounding the new law, it seems the biggest complaint is that people will be asked for "papers" or an ID. What is wrong with being asked for ID?

The few times I have been stopped by police officers, the first thing they ask for is ID. To be seen by a doctor I have to provide ID. To return an item for a cash refund, I had to provide ID. Hopefully, when you vote they request ID. To open a bank account and to get homeowners insurance, I had to provide ID. To buy my house I had to show ID. To tutor children in reading I had to provide ID and fingerprints!

What is wrong with being asked for ID?

Lynn O'Keefe, Largo

Harassment is assured

I was troubled to read of the new immigration law in Arizona, requiring police to stop and question those they suspect may be illegal immigrants. This is presumably targeted at the state's Mexican, and therefore "Hispanic," population.

Absent some scientific breakthrough, where all police officers could differentiate among racial categories (which are social constructions anyway) with 100 percent certainty, then this would only affect "Hispanics."

Either way, this law ensures the legal harassment of law abiding citizens. The Arizona Legislature's blatant display of subversive racism is baffling.

Justin Rivera, Tampa

Wall Street capers

Let's imagine that I sell you an automobile that I have carefully engineered to kill you: bad brakes, sticky accelerator, bald tires, intermittent high speed steering system, etc. Do I violate any law by selling it to you?

Now let us further imagine that I procure a large insurance policy on your life. Am I still in the clear? As long as our imaginations are working so well, suppose you are killed by the car and I collect on the policy. Is legal action by anybody a reasonable possibility?

Goldman Sachs argues its innocence after its similar financial caper.

Bud Tritschler, Clearwater

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