Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Wednesday's letters: After election, prepare for reality

Election 2012

After vote, get ready for reality

All those celebrating President Barack Obama's victory should put the party on hold for the next four years. Those people who actually contribute to our country by paying taxes might have a huge surprise in store for them. The stock market is already reacting to what is coming with his new, improved policies. You people should also keep an eye on those retirement accounts and what you will be paying for a gallon of gas with Obama's new EPA rules. Everyone has that warm fuzzy feeling now, so let's see what happens.

Obama has a major decision to make — whether to hang on to his radical left-wing agenda or to come to the true middle and actually work with Congress for the good of the middle class and the greater good of this country. I have a feeling that in 2016 we will be able to tell all those elated middle-class Democrats, "I told you so." At least we won't hear the "blame it on Bush" excuse, because it will be all on Obama.

David Broker, Tampa

Politicking must yield to governing Nov. 8, commentary

Good intentions

As I read the column by Will Weatherford, speaker-designate of the Florida House, I was encouraged by its "across-the-aisle" nature. He sounded sincere about representing all the people and correcting the unethical situations that have existed in Tallahassee. Let's hope he can convert his words into action and make the next Legislature one "we the people" can be proud of.

However, considering the negative attitude shown by Gov. Rick Scott toward working with the federal government, and the agenda of a majority of his fellow legislators, Weatherford may have a rough road to travel to achieve his goals. He will probably be hearing from the hierarchy of his party in response to this column, if he hasn't already.

Andy Lynn, Clearwater

Iorio right for vote reforms | Nov. 11, editorial

Appeal for competence

I travel widely for work, and whenever I tell people I'm from Florida, they always ask, "Why do you have so much trouble counting votes?" It's embarrassing when other large states, who also have multiple languages on their ballots, have no such trouble and Florida continues to suffer year after year.

But I always point out that in 2000, when the country was obsessed with butterfly ballots and hanging chads, Hillsborough County and Tampa had no such issues. That's because we had a remarkable elections chief who went on to become mayor of Tampa on a platform of competence.

Pam Iorio is more than merely competent, but even that bare minimum is more than we can say for our current statewide election situation.

I hope she will lead an effort to fix our election situation — and I hope she'll run for governor.

Claire Brantley, Tampa

Voters see past cash, chicanery | Nov. 9, Daniel Ruth column

Rogues gallery

After viewing the pictures of the nine men (Koch brothers, Rove, Adelson, Trump, Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity and our illustrious Gov. Scott) on the opinion page and described by Daniel Ruth, I fully understand why women are "running away" from the Republican Party. Scary to say the least.

Valerie Ginn, St. Petersburg

Answers easy to find

I see that the GOP is going to poll its members in an attempt to find out why the party lost so heavily in Tuesday's elections. I can save them gobs of time and money. Simply clip and read Daniel Ruth's and Sue Carlton's columns from last week.

Those two worthies nail the causes of the Republican defeat quite nicely. I'd like to thank both of them for brightening my morning.

Ian MacFarlane, St. Petersburg

Florida election

State turns into 'that guy'

Twice now, our state GOP leaders have defied party rules on the assumption that an early Florida primary elevates our influence in the presidential selection process. Twice now, we have seen that this assumption is wrong.

The first time, in 2008, Florida's premature primary set the tone for Super Tuesday and all but guaranteed the nomination of a tired, unelectable John McCain.

Now after round two, our leaders still cling to the fantasy that an early primary is worth the wrath of our national community — even when it means we have to take a back seat at our own hometown-hosted convention; even when Florida already reaps the benefits from being the biggest battleground state; even when our state leaders kill that fantasy by passing laws to botch any hope of running smooth elections, producing expedient results, or maintaining our own relevance in deciding the next U.S. president.

This is who we are, Florida — we're "that guy." We're that arrogant guy who cuts in line to order first and then can't make up his mind on what to eat. We're that obnoxious guy who slaps a big bag of pennies on the counter when he's asked to pay up.

Jeff Mathers, St. Petersburg

Clark shoulders blame | Nov. 11

Tomorrow and tomorrow

With all the blame being passed around about the misleading robocalls, I would like to know who came up with the wording for the message.

Anyone who has experience making reminder calls knows that you do not use the word "tomorrow" in the message. The message should always include the day, date and time.

So there's plenty of blame to pass around, going back to who composed the message and the fact that apparently no one, during this process, questioned the choice of the word "tomorrow."

Marilynn Myers, St. Petersburg

Black … Turkey Day | Nov. 13

Name change, please

Can we stop calling the day after Thanksgiving "Black Friday"?

This day is one of the top retail days of the year. It has always been, for better or worse, when I have wanted to go to my local large shopping mall and watch the throngs of shoppers. I have enjoyed the watching, whether people were buying or just looking. It was a holiday pleasure for me, even after retirement.

The introduction of the phrase "Black Friday," bringing back to some the memory of the 1929 event that began the Great Depression, has made me so sad that I'd just as soon stay home. Can we please stop using this pejorative to label the first day of what should be a joyous period of the year?

Howard Raymond, Valrico


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