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Wednesday's letters: Bids on garbage show what tea party is about

Garbage pickup to go to bid | Dec. 15

This is what tea party is all about

The truth of what the tea party is about was on display at a recent Hillsborough County Commission meeting. A vote had been scheduled on whether to open contracts for curbside garbage pickup to competitive bidding for the first time in 15 years.

The three private companies who held a monopoly were trying to get the commissioners to vote "no," using the argument that since everything was working fine, there was no reason to change what was worth $60 million a year to them.

Members of the tea party showed up to strongly support an open bid as part of their fight for common sense, free-market policies and fiscal responsibility in government. They, along with other non-tea party residents at the meeting, helped persuade the commission to vote 7-0 for the open bid.

Perhaps it was a small victory considering the scale of things happening in this country. But just as tea party groups across the country are putting pressure on their local governments to do the right thing, they are urging the same in Washington.

Eric Greenbaum, Tampa

Feds nix electric utilities merger | Dec. 16

'Too big to fail' threatens our economic security

I wholeheartedly agree with and applaud the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's rejection of the Duke Power and Progress Energy merger. There should be more competition in energy and all other industries.

It is a shame "too big to fail" companies were allowed to merge and merge until their failure threatens our economy and the rest of world. It is past time to rein in the size of corporations so none can threaten America's economy and safety.

Wesley M. Johnson, Tampa

TV Times

Give us the old version back

The new format of this section is awful. How is this in any way an improvement over the vertical, concise former layout, with the entire day on one page? The size was perfect.

Breaking it up into different time periods, and the generic "weekday" sections, adds to the confusion. You now have to look on different pages to see what is playing at any one time on a given day.

Please reconsider this bad decision and give us back the former TV Times.

Liliana Sablich, Port Richey

Type is too small

What idiotic committee revised a perfectly readable TV guide with this new format?

Although three times the size of the previous guide, it is confusing to read and the print is so small a reader needs a magnifying glass.

Mike Wallenmaier, Clearwater

It's confusing, disorganized

Please go back to the original TV guide. The new one is hard to read, confusing and disorganized.

Deborah Fleming, Seminole

An inconvenient format

Where do you think people keep the TV Times that you deliver every Sunday?

We keep ours in a cabinet drawer next to our easy chairs where we sit and watch TV and refer to it often.

Why have you changed the size to something that does not fit anywhere convenient?

Please reconsider and return the format to what served our purpose very well.

Robert Brown, Palm Harbor

Not a change for the better

I believe in change, but the change you made to the TV Times is not a good one.

1. The "booklet" is way too large to keep on your end table;

2. A ruler is needed to find the station after finding your show and the time it is being aired;

3. It is just too messy, busy and jumbled-up to be able to find a program. You must rely on your memory as to when and where the program was that you watched;

4. I believe that the listings should remain as they were — all programs for the same day should be listed together under that day and using the next page or two for additional listings for that same day. You shouldn't have to go five pages trying to find the day and time and channel of a program.

Carol Pierce, St. Petersburg

Smaller style was smarter

You have ruined the TV Times. Why would you call something new when it is just a copy of the Tampa Tribune format? The reason I have a Sunday subscription was because I liked your TV guide better. The larger sideways listing of channels stacked on top of each other is not an improvement.

The previous style, with individual columns and easy to distinguish blocks that made it better to see when shows start and end, was so much less confusing. Now you have the days and evenings split up. Why?

Please consider going back to the smaller, smarter style from before.

Michael Bell, Largo

It wasn't broken

Have you ever heard, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it?" Your old TV guide was a very easy to read, small enough to be convenient and easy to store. Why did you have to change it? I hate the new format. It is very hard to read.

Dorothy Roper, Dunedin

A nice surprise

Thank you! The new TV Times is a wonderful improvement. Having each weekday evening on a single page is much more convenient than leafing through multiple pages to find listings. That was a nice surprise.

Lynn Larsen, Apollo Beach

On visits to Cuba, no turning back | Dec. 15, editorial

Standing up for Cuba trade

A congressional provision that would have severely restricted travel to Cuba by Cuban-Americans was defeated through the diligent efforts of Rep. Kathy Castor, D-Fla., and like-minded representatives.

Families who emigrated from Cuba to the Tampa Bay region more than 150 years ago would have been precluded from open and free travel to Cuba. One of South Florida's representatives had attached an ill-conceived provision to a spending bill.

The west coast of Florida has over 80,000 Cuban-Americans. Many businesses are founded and reliant upon international trade, with Cuba specifically. The historic connection with the island is important. The Tampa Bay region has built business models and created jobs as a result of this connection.

The World Trade Center Tampa Bay thanks Rep. Castor and all of the congressional representatives who supported the removal of the Cuban travel restrictions from the appropriations bill. Thanks for standing up for not just Tampa but the Tampa Bay region and reasonable regulations regarding Cuba.

Stephen Michelini, managing director, World Trade Center Tampa Bay, Tampa

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