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Wednesday's letters: Cain lacks basic knowledge of world

Herman Cain

Basic knowledge of world lacking

Herman Cain is running for president on the basis of being a successful businessman. His contention is that being able to run a successful business qualifies him to run the United States. Part of being successful in business is knowing how to deal with and how to outmaneuver your competitors. You need to know your competition to effectively beat it.

How can Herman Cain hope to run the country when he isn't aware that America's largest competitor has nuclear capability? Cain said in an interview on CBS last week that China was "trying to develop nuclear capability." The world is a very dangerous, complex place these days. The leader of the free world needs to have at least a rudimentary understanding of who the players are for this country to be successful.

Jeff Cutting, Brandon

Poor decision-making

What would CEO Herman Cain have done with an executive-level applicant who failed to mention past sexual harassment baggage until it was reported in the press, claimed to have a fuzzy recollection of the events and then denied wrongdoing?

And what will U.S. President Herman Cain do to vet his administration appointees who bring with them undisclosed past sexual harassment claims and settlements? Will he accept a general denial of any past harassment? What details will he insist be disclosed?

I am willing to let Herman be Herman, but I think we need to know who Herman is. Or, at least, how Herman runs things. So far, I wouldn't want him running my company … or country.

Robert Carroll, Palm Harbor

Progress ignored repair warning | Nov. 6

Take customers off the hook

It is ludicrous for Progress Energy to believe that their customers should pay the uninsured portion of the repair for their nuclear plant. The key word is "customers." The only liability we have to Progress Energy is to pay for the electricity they supply us. We had absolutely no input in their decision to proceed as they did with their own plan and ignore the expertise of professionals.

Thomas Varnum, North Redington Beach

USF Polytechnic

School has a bright future

The University of South Florida Polytechnic is a prestigious, centrally located school. As a recent graduate I can confirm that USF Poly was essential in helping me develop my professionalism and business skills. The professors have real-world experiences to share with students, and you truly receive hands-on experience that is not common at other USF facilities.

There are many reasons why USF Poly should become an independent university. Everything from the distinct architecture to the cutting-edge education will make the new university a mecca of higher education.

The advanced teaching techniques, hands-on experiences and flourishing campus should guarantee a bright future for all students.

Chana Smith, Auburndale

And forgive us our debts | Nov. 4, commentary

Look to the origins of crisis

Writer Daniel Akst demonstrates some journalistic pirouettes as he dances around the elephant in the room. Before he concludes that all of us have to "take the hit," he perhaps conveniently forgets to report how the debt bubble came about.

The Bush-era tax cuts that disproportionately benefitted the top 1 percent income tier added over $2.3 trillion to the debt, and the unfunded wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost over $2 trillion and counting. At the same time, nearly all the gains from any economic growth have accrued to those with incomes approaching $1 million (the top 1 percent). No wonder consumer debt and student loans are up — the middle class hasn't seen any significant income growth in 30 years.

President Barack Obama is right to ask millionaires to give back some of their spoils to repair our deteriorating highways and crumbling bridges and put people back to work now.

Robert White, Valrico

Social Security

Benefits have been earned

Politicians should stop referring to Social Security and Medicare as "entitlements." Politicians who wish to destroy these programs are using this euphemism to destroy programs they view as giveaways. At the least, they think these are programs they can purge or change at their whim, calling it "reform." Nonsense.

These are worthwhile programs most of us have been required to pay into for all our working lives under a social contract with our government. Ultimately, Social Security is no different than a 401(k) retirement program. And Medicare is a health insurance program.

Politicians have borrowed Social Security and Medicare monies to pay for wars or tax breaks so their friends could benefit. And now there is a problem. Raise taxes on the wealthy and leave Social Security and Medicare alone.

Ken Moehle, Dunedin

Snapshot shows love for libraries in Florida Nov. 6, Bill Maxwell column

Libraries offer so much

Thanks to Bill Maxwell for his column on Florida libraries. The library system has so much to offer. More than ever, people are flocking to libraries to borrow books, DVDs, CD books and to make use of the Internet and other programs.

As a volunteer at Palm Harbor library, I see the constant use of the facilities. This past weekend, the library had a garage sale to raise money. Funds and staffing are being cut just as more and more people are taking advantage of libraries.

Everyone can help their local library by donating unwanted books and other materials, where they can be resold for nominal prices.

Marilyn Satinoff, Palm Harbor

Air show thunders into bay | Nov. 6

A frightening disturbance

On Saturday I fearfully endured my fourth day of being subjected to the terror of the Air Force Thunderbirds overflying our community at treetop level. One small mistake or the ingestion of a brown pelican in a jet intake, and we have a man-made tragedy inflicted on our neighborhood.

Fiscal sanity demands that this absurdity be brought to a halt. How many millions were spent on the weekend "circus" at MacDill Air Force Base, and how much of it was borrowed from China? Americans must demand that "defenseless" Pentagon spending be scrapped.

Jose M. Fernandez, Tampa

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