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Wednesday's Letters: Chamber of Commerce serving foreign donors

Chamber serving foreign donors

The Chamber of Commerce wants us to believe that not one cent of the $75 million that they are spending on attack ads against Democrats comes from foreign donors. China, Saudi Arabia, India and scores of other foreign interests are exploiting the Supreme Court's disastrous decision that allows unlimited corporate money to buy our Congress.

The Chamber is clearly serving the interests of multinational companies who want to wield the levers of power to the detriment of American citizens.

Every patriotic American who has spent money to join this organization should sit down and write a letter requesting a refund of their membership fees.

It is time to dump our U.N./American Chamber of Commerce.

Steven Zeledon II, Ridge Manor

In the future, people will see these things as bad | Oct. 3

Future will look back

on abortion as outrage

The prison system, meat production, institutionalized elders, the environment?

Didn't it occur to this author that the greatest moral outrage of our day is abortion — 3,500 a day, 50 million in the past 35 years and counting? It fits all of his criteria perfectly:

• "First, people have already heard the arguments against the practice." Can anyone doubt that? Evidence of the existence of unique human life before birth abounds. That abortion kills a human brother or sister is hardly disputable.

• "Second, defenders of the custom tend not to offer moral counterarguments but instead invoke tradition, human nature or necessity." Choice, privacy, women's rights, inconvenience, etc. — some serious problems admittedly, but none balanced with the taking of an individual human life.

• "And third, supporters engage in what one might call strategic ignorance, avoiding truths that might force them to face the evils in which they're complicit." Witness the aversion to displays of the evidently human parts of human babies torn apart by abortion. Or how about resistance to viewing ultrasound images or other information about the developing unborn child in the womb?

We needn't wait until the future to view abortion as morally repugnant. We can know it now. Or is this massive assault on human life so far along and so ingrained that we can never bring ourselves to look back and say, "What were we thinking?"

Norman Dusseault, St. Petersburg

Big Oil's ads spread lies

Big Oil will stop at nothing to protect their profits at the expense of American national security. This fall, we're seeing new television ads that are paid for by Big Oil front groups. The purpose of these ads is simple: to spread lies and misinformation about clean, alternative energy sources in order to protect their profits.

The time has come for every American patriot to stand up to the Big Oil lies and say it is time to stop investing in the buggy whip of the 21st century and time to start investing in America's future.

Eric Arens, Tampa

Selling out to developers

So now Rick Scott — the self-proclaimed "outsider" — opens up to tell us that if elected he'll do exactly what the insiders have been trying to do to us for years: sell us out to the fat-cat developers.

Sure, Florida needs jobs. But we need better than a continuation of poorly planned developments that local governments are almost always happy to approve. Almost all homeowners are already suffering from the devaluation of their home caused by the glut of empty new houses. Scott's solution to all our problems is to enable still more empty houses?

Ken McLaughlin, Zephyrhills

Foreclosure suspensions

Bank move hurts condos

Banks that are holding off foreclosing on mortgages in many cases are hurting condominium associations.

An association depends on monthly maintenance payments from its members to meet its bills. Owners facing foreclosure not only are not making their mortgage payments; they are also probably not paying their monthly maintenance fees.

Once a bank forecloses on a condo, it becomes responsible for the association fees. However, if the bank allows months to pass without foreclosing, the association is forced to struggle on with a shortage of maintenance fees.

The moratorium may help individuals facing eviction, but associations as a whole will become the victims.

Richard Gordon, Palm Harbor

Conservatives, dump the drug war | Oct. 4

Legalization will cut crime

Kudos to Jeffery A. Miron for his astute and pragmatic article.

An additional advantage to legalizing drugs is the negative impact such a move would have on organized crime. Daily we read about murders committed by rival drug gangs, cartels and others that profit from prohibition, particularly those operating in Colombia and Mexico.

Before these drug operatives further expand their influence in our communities (and they are already causing problems), the motivating force that drives them (i.e., money) needs to be redirected into the U.S. Treasury.

Elliott Swift, Treasure Island

Unprepared for animal control, police use guns | Oct. 3

Dog owners at fault

It's not the police who need more training. They did the correct thing when endangered by a threatening dog. It's the dog owners who need more training.

Many years ago, my sister took our German shepherd to obedience school. It became a wonderful companion. Most dog owners I have met never take their dogs to obedience school. It's the owner's fault for not having their pet under control.

John J. Predgen, Bradenton

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