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Wednesday's Letters: GOP obstructionists kill jobs bill

GOP blocks Senate outsourcing bill | Sept. 29

Obstructionists kill jobs bill

If you had any doubt that the Republican Party is against the job creation that would help to improve our economy and is in the pocket of big business, this article buried on page 11A should convince you.

Senate Democrats tried to introduce a bill that would raise taxes on corporations that shift operations overseas and give tax incentives to corporations that bring jobs back to the United States. The GOP used its significant minority to block discussion on the bill using the 60-vote requirement.

Most people agree that what we need most is jobs. By this action, the GOP (Great Obstructionist Party) proves that it doesn't care about providing jobs but only about lining its pockets and making the rich and powerful even more rich and powerful. If this type of behavior is not stopped, we are heading for a plutocracy and another real depression.

This 60-vote requirement is not in the Constitution and it is not democracy. It should be abolished. Another item not in the Constitution is the practice of the "hold," often anonymously, on action of the Senate. This also should be barred.

Remember that the GOP is against jobs and against our economic recovery when you vote. Judge them by their actions, not their rhetoric.

Bill Balmer, Seminole

Hard to find a Republican who supports workers

As a working-class Republican, I am finding it difficult to find any Republican candidate I can support this year. Last week, every Republican in the Senate prevented that body from passing a law that stopped giving tax breaks to companies that send jobs overseas and gave tax breaks to companies that bring jobs to America. GOP candidates in other states want to cancel the minimum wage and privatize Social Security, all of which would hurt workers.

The Republicans are arguing that the deficit is too big, but they won't eliminate the tax cuts they gave to the richest people in this country, which are adding to the deficit. The GOP used to be the party of Ike and Reagan, but now it's the party of Palin and Limbaugh.

Roger W. Gambert, Palm Harbor

Bring back right and wrong

As I listened to the talking heads on Fox News discuss the tragic suicide of the promising young Rutgers student, I was reminded again of how our legal scholars have replaced the simple words "right" and "wrong" with volumes of difficult words to define "legal" and "illegal."

We all know it was wrong to show a private sexual encounter between two consenting individuals for the world to see, yet to hear the legal arguments it was no big deal, a misdemeanor at most.

I was reminded of this again when I heard that a red-light runner hit a car, resulting in the death of a an innocent person on a bicycle who was stopped waiting for the light to change. But the driver was only cited for running the light. We might as well remove the word "justice" from our vocabularies.

Robert Goodin, Tampa

A telling contrast

Two items in your paper Tuesday caught my attention. On the top of page 2A was the news, "Britain cutting child subsidy to the affluent." On top of page 3A was the news, "Obama, group veer into lively tax cut debate."

What a contrast. A Conservative British government wants to cut universal child subsidies to wealthier families making $70,000 or more per year. The conservative Republicans in this country want to continue the Bush tax cuts for wealthy Americans making $250,000 or more per year.

I believe the problems in both countries are similar, yet the two countries have such different approaches. I agree with the British approach, but how can we convince the Republican senators?

Raghupathy Sarma, Odessa

Guys: Just hit, catch and throw the ball, okay? | Oct. 1, Daniel Ruth column

Rays needed to light a fire

As a Rays fan who has attended several games this year, I was sorely disappointed by this column.

Where is it written that high-paid athletes cannot express an opinion? Oh, that's right, you need to be a so-called columnist to do that. Whether people make $44 million, $44,000, or $4.40 an hour, they all have a right to their opinions.

Now some facts. It is well known that the Rays' payroll is one of the lowest in baseball. It is also well known to everyone (except perhaps Dan Ruth) that the owners intend to slash that payroll next year due to lack of attendance. So the Rays are fighting for their existence, not just for fans to "witness their brilliance," as you say. All the players wanted to do was to light a little fire to get people out — period. Had they not done so, the 20,000 free ticket program would never have happened.

Unemployment rates are high everywhere. But most areas hit just as hard as Tampa Bay are supporting their teams to a much greater extent. So lighting a little fire once in a while was the right thing to do.

Tom Rooney, Brooksville

Abusive relationship

"Buy me a new stadium or I'll leave." "Give me more money or I'll find someone else." "I win because I'm great; I lose because you don't appreciate me."

If a guy talked to your sister that way you'd tell her to dump the creep and get a restraining order.

I love watching the Rays. I go when I can and watch the rest of the games on TV. But Evan Longoria's whine was the last straw in this abusive relationship. St. Petersburg should let the Rays leave. And then get a restraining order.

Paul Starr, Treasure Island

Help fans attend

I agree with Daniel Ruth. I have never seen a game at the Trop. I would prefer sitting in the stands but I can't afford the ticket price and parking, so I watch the games on television. Many people do the same because of the economic situation.

Instead of the players complaining, I suggest highly paid players, the manager and owner buy blocks of tickets to give to poor neighborhood kids, senior centers, or the unemployed. Hire a bus if needed to get these lucky people to the game.

It could be considered charitable and tax-deductible. If each team member did this a few times a year, the loyalty of the fans would be ensured.

Gerry Matesich, Clearwater

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