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What came first blinker or turn?

What came first, blinker or turn?

As I have been driving around Spring Hill recently, I've noticed something I don't completely understand. I notice once in a while that one of the taillights on the vehicle in front of me starts to blink. Then I notice that most of the time the vehicle turns in the same direction as the blinking light; the light on the left starts to blink, for example, then the vehicle starts to turn to the left.

Now this doesn't happen often enough for me to figure out what's going on, but I begin to wonder: Does the light start to blink when the steering wheel is turned? Or maybe it's the other way around — the light starts blinking, causing the steering wheel to turn?

Oh, and it doesn't seem to matter what make, model, or age of the vehicle, which makes me think maybe this is some new gadget from one of the auto parts stores, or a catalog, or possibly something someone has seen on the Internet. I'm told you can find just about anything you want on eBay, but I haven't seen this thing yet.

I know there are a lot of automobile enthusiasts around here, so I'm hoping one of you can help me with this. I'm losing sleep trying to find the answer, so I'd appreciate your advice.

G.B. Leatherwood, Spring Hill

Let's vote out commissioners

I have a complaint about the way the Brookridge community was denied curbside service to pick up recycled items (newspapers, plastics, etc.). Now all these elderly people throw these items in their trash bags. That'll fill up all the landfills in no time. So much for living "green!''

The county commissioners did this to save money. What a joke! A better way to save money is to lower the commissioners' salaries. They don't work a full day a month, much less a week (unless they're campaigning, of course). They have deprived the Association of Retarded Citizens sorting recyclables, a job they handled well. Where does the money come from that replaces that? Voters pay for that, right? How stupid was that idea?

Vote out all present commissioners. That's the real solution.

I've been accused of being a "liberal Swede" (my parents were born in Sweden). Does anyone remember what Walter Cronkite said when someone called him a "liberal"? He took it as a compliment, because he said a liberal was a person who cared about those who had less than him.

Think that over, all of you! I am 85 and I believe it's true.

Mary Ellen James, Brooksville

Re: Does columnist like anything? and DeWitt's opinion misses the mark | May 2 letters to the editor

Speaking up for east side of county

Whoa! Two Spring Hill guys see fit to criticize we who live and love eastern Hernando County.

One fellow, Jim Vaughn, gripes about columnist Dan Dewitt's "agronomically trained evaluation of aquifer contamination by golf courses and home lawns." Is it a legitimate complaint? You bet! We who live in the I-75 area of Hernando don't cherish the prospect of drinking polluted, contaminated and poisoned water.

East Hernando is rural. West Hernando is metropolitan (sort of). We in the east do not go out of our way to trample on Spring Hill's populace. The letter writers' efforts to "educate" us fall on deaf ears. In other words, shut up! Did you miss your church's teachings about the Golden Rule?

The other writer, Terry Nikodem, who ranted about all the hoops developers had to jump through (not to mention the palms that needed greasing) in order to sway commissioners' votes on Hickory Hill. He goes out of his way to cite numerous experts' "way-to-go" hype. They fitted the mold alright. We know well the description of "expert" — that being a guy from out of town with a briefcase.

Lastly, these two guys saw fit to comment on DeWitt's citing of Commissioners Chris Kingsley's, Rose Rocco's and Diane Rowden's votes on Hickory Hill. This, then, makes it fair game to add my two cents.

First, Kingsley is the elected commissioner from this area. He betrayed his constituents' desire by voting "yes" on Hickory Hill. Rocco has spent the last year defending her seat via court proceedings, which proved constituents' votes count in a democratic election. In turn, the winners are obligated to vote the will of the electorate.

Ironically, Rowden resisted developer hype, pressure and publicity, and voted against Hickory Hill — and she isn't even from east Hernando. Thanks, Diane.

Ted Longman, Brooksville

Re: Great work on Bayport Park | May 5 letter to the editor

Aluminum for balustrade unwise

Like Cindy and Doug Hall, I was quite impressed by the revamped park area, having feared at the outset of the work that the wild section would be totally eradicated.

But I question the genius of whoever decided that unprotected aluminum was suitable material for the construction of the balustrade of the boardwalk, which already is corroded, presumably by the action of airborne salt, less than two weeks after the official opening.

Something needs to be done swiftly to counteract this before the thing is totally spoiled.

Mike Aston, Spring Hill

What came first blinker or turn?

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