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What's flowing in southwestern Pasco is hardly water

What's flowing is barely water

Having spent some time in Third World countries, I have some experience of poor sanitary standards. It is not too great an exaggeration to state this is what we are experiencing in southwestern Pasco in 2009.

Each day water is piped into our house that stinks. It emits a vile, putrid stench throughout the house, clinging to furniture, carpets and drapes. The odor is best described as a combination of rotten eggs, sewage and various unmentionables. The water color is a silt-like charcoal, leaving in its wake dark stains on toilet bowls, tubs and anything else it comes into contact with. Such is the stench that it is now an embarrassment to have visitors in the house while putting a strain on the family. Even worse, we have to bathe or brush teeth with this. I am loathed to call it water. It literally turns the stomach.

Our neighbors are in the same predicament and between us we have made countless calls to FGUA (or Florida Governmental Utility Authority). We have also made actual visits to their offices, taking with us samples of said water. Responses to our calls, while swift, are hollow. A truck pulls up, gallons of water are flushed out on to the street, and a calling card is left on the front door. The resulting change? Zero. Reports as to why we are having this problem seem to change from one call to another. In these days of water restrictions we are even told to run our water for a period of time before actually using it.

Everything now takes more time and money, such as utilizing store-brought water or boiling water, just for brushing teeth.

Can this really be happening in the U.S. in 2009? The answer is a sickly but clearly yes.

Chris Kirk, New Port Richey

GOP embraces countywide faith and values club July 22, article

Club's hypocrisy is hilarious

After seeing this story, I erupted into gut-busting laughter.

The incongruity is staggering and hilarious.

I fully expected the article to expound on the rules of the club — whites only; no embracing of one's own spouse; "Do not disturb" signs on all restrooms; have faith that after being videotaped in compromising party behavior that a "lapse-in-judgment" excuse will prevail; and sign a petition to remove the word "hypocrite" from the English language.

Bob Dodd, Dade City

Let them get their own kiddie pool

I live in Meadowpoint III in eastern Pasco County. A couple of people on the Community Development District board want to install a kiddie splash pool at our community swimming pool that would cost approximately $70,000. It would increase our taxes and would be an added liability.

Many of us at the last meeting expressed concerns against this because of the current economy.

We have people in the community who have never paid homeowner association dues. The debt has risen to $217,508 and that is just for telephone and cable.

Those of us paying are making up their difference. I have been here since February 2006 and the fees have increased every year.

Let them go to Wal-Mart or Target to purchase a kiddie pool for their backyard. They can splash away and increase their water bill.

Sylvia Gentle, Wesley Chapel

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What's flowing in southwestern Pasco is hardly water 07/23/09 [Last modified: Thursday, July 23, 2009 5:47pm]
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