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When students are lazy, blame the parents

Blame parents for lazy students

I have been in education since 1983 both as a vocational teacher and an administrator for discipline. Since retiring I substitute a few days a week. I have seen so much in the way of total disinterest from students who refuse to learn.

Never mind blaming the teachers. We need to address the situation that is at fault: the home. Parents of most of these students do not offer any type of direction or instill motivation for their child to learn. Very few attend parent conferences and put all the blame on the teacher, school, district offices or wherever they can but don't accept responsibility for their child's behavior.

Let's face reality: There are good and bad in every facet of life, but, for the most part, Pasco has very good teachers. I have seen teachers go the extra mile and the student couldn't care less. Let the parents come in for a visit and sit in all of their child's classes and see for themselves how their child does in school.

We need to adjust the thinking of the parents and place more responsibility on them. I know exactly what they will say to that: "We are busy working."

Joe Fratto, Hudson

Poor road design is growing danger

Cars now kill more people than guns. Never thought I'd see the day I would make that comparison, but cars are now killing more people in the bay area and that problem could easily extend to Pasco. Combine poorly designed roads and poor lighting with distracted and drunken drivers, and the count of pedestrians and bicyclists killed or injured is going to increase.

Aside from the continual problems along U.S. 19, the rest of Pasco enjoys new roads, intersections and shopping centers. Unfortunately, new does not always translate into safer places for pedestrians. The construction along State Roads 54 and 56 and Bruce B. Downs Boulevard has created huge intersections that no pedestrian should be allowed to cross even with the traffic and pedestrian signals provided.

The widening of SR 54 through Wesley Chapel has miles of sidewalks only a few feet from the road. Already two cars have jumped that space onto the sidewalk now filled with kids riding their Christmas bikes. I have no idea what the state Department of Transportation was thinking when it allowed that road to be built with no barrier to protect pedestrians.

The Shops at Wiregrass gets an "F" for pedestrian safety. Aside from the lack of adequate parking the idea of integrating city street traffic with shops and shoppers is simply dangerous and confusing. Most dangerous is that pedestrians are forced to walk down one of the main streets to go from shop to shop and from one parking lot to another. A new hospital is being built behind the Shops at Wiregrass and it looks like we will be needing it.

I hope when the new shopping center is finally built that straddles SR 56 that the DOT and our county commissioners pay more attention to pedestrian safety.

Art Hayhoe, Wesley Chapel

Parked cars are no threat to birds

I read the Dec. 23 article, but didn't quite understand the reason for no parking on the side of the road to bird watch.

"A lot of eagles are hit by cars. They can swoop pretty low." This statement was made by Barbara Walker of the Clearwater Audubon Society. I'm no ornithologist, but I've been observing eagles for over half a century and have never heard of one being killed or injured by a parked car. A vehicle traveling at 50 mph is a greater danger to a bird than one that is sitting still.

The safety of the citizens is also a concern. The county's solution is to pay $2 to park and walk back on the side of the road. There is no sidewalk at this location, only weeds and a ditch to walk in. The biggest problem will be boaters. In the afternoon on a nice weekend, when the marina parking lots at Anclote River Park are full, the people waiting to get in the park line up on the west side of Baillies Bluff Road from the entrance north toward the power plant. I've seen 25 groups waiting to get in. That's where the "No parking" signs are going to be. That leaves the boaters one alternative. They will have to slowly cruise the entrance hoping someone will come out and they can get in. This is the recipe for a large traffic jam.

Thomas Karcher, New Port Richey

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