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Where is Cathi Martin's concern for Pasco County School Board job?

Martin may not quit board March 27 article

Where's Martin's concern for job?

I understand the Pasco County Democrats' concern that they will no longer be represented on the Pasco School Board. But are they really being represented anyway?

Cathi Martin doesn't seem to have any concern about doing her job, a job that she was elected to perform by we the electorate. She doesn't have any concern about the money she cost the taxpayers by not showing up at meetings or for her other duties.

How is it that the School Board can't get rid of a nonperforming member of a school or the School Board? Time for some rule changes. Maybe we need a school system that isn't a launchpad for political careers but actually promotes the education and welfare of children. Maybe School Board members should have a attendance policy just like students. Time for Cathi Martin to go.

By the way, I'm not a Republican or Democrat. I don't even have children attending school in Pasco County. I just don't appreciate the people who are elected not doing the job for which they are elected.

Bruce Pearson, Hudson

Martin is paid for job she isn't doing

Do not try to make this a partisan issue. It's not about Democrats and Republicans, it is about doing a job you were hired to do.

I as a taxpayer have been paying Cathi Martin for a job she has not done. It's as simple as that.

Would her husband pay an employee $30,000 a year to not show up at his office? I hardly think so.

Mary Julian, New Port Richey

Martin may need help to leave job

It's time to send our letters to the governor, again. If Cathi Martin won't do the right thing then we, the taxpayers, need to help her along.

As far as Democratic Party Chairwoman Alison Morano goes, she has to be kidding. Obviously, she has not been paying attention to the articles about this situation.

This has nothing to do with whether she is a Democrat or a Republican. Taxpayers are just sick and tired of paying someone not to do a job. Case in point: Martin resigns via e-mail, stops coming to meetings, is still getting paid and now changes her mind.

If Martin isn't going to do the right thing then at least she should get herself back to the job for which she is paid.

Kim Cherry, New Port Richey

Why the push for city into county?

Inquiring minds would like one question answered: Why do a handful of people want to turn the city of Port Richey into Pasco County? Not one of them will say.

If we were county we might have lower taxes so that can't be it. If there is a tax break, it will be for the ones with the big houses not the little people. So what is the real reason? Stop hiding behind the lower taxes and give us an answer.

Judy Parisi, Port Richey

It's a pity battle of bands not covered

As president of the Friends of the Pasco County Library System Inc. I am very disappointed in your lack of coverage of our 12th annual battle of the bands at Crews Lake Park on March 20. This event, sponsored by the Friends of the Pasco County Library System Inc., the Pasco County Library System, the Pasco County Parks and Recreation Department, Jam Music, Encore Music and Morrisound Recording is a yearlong endeavor.

This live concert drew 600-plus young adults who enjoyed an evening of music created by the bands Variance, Scilter, Tomatoes & Radio Wires, Hippodrome, Set the Sights, Vanessa I Promise, the Distance & John Gold and the Old Souls. This event provided an opportunity for these bands to compete for prizes of donated recording time.

You missed the opportunity to focus on what's good with our young adults in Pasco County. These young adults are developing musical talents and leadership skills, which require attendance at school, keeping up with grades, and additional hours of practice in developing their bands. They are an asset to Pasco County.

Loraine Cors, Hudson

Where is Cathi Martin's concern for Pasco County School Board job? 03/29/09 [Last modified: Sunday, March 29, 2009 7:00pm]
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