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Who cleans up the messy Courtney Campbell Parkway?

Who cleans up messy causeway?

On my way to Tampa on Sunday morning, I approached the Courtney Campbell Parkway and anticipated a pleasant drive with the usual lovely view of the water.

To my shock and disgust, all I could see was litter and trash everywhere. The entire south side of the causeway all the way to Tampa was covered with plastic bottles, aluminum cans and every other type of used container.

My question is who comes along and picks up all the mess left behind by weekend visitors? Who pays for this? Do Tampa and Clearwater divide the work load?

Even more importantly, apparently this scenario will be occurring every weekend from now until at least Labor Day. This is not a one-time problem.

With so many people thinking "green" these days, I have to say that I am embarrassed to live here with so many people who aren't thinking at all!

Gregory Lord, Clearwater

Winds whip up wave woes story, May 13

Beach lifeguards show their worth

There you have it — the proof of the pudding, regarding why the lifeguard program on Clearwater Beach needs to be saved. This story illustrates the No. 1 reason to keep the lifeguards on duty at Clearwater Beach in spite of budget cuts: to save lives.

On Monday afternoon the lifeguards did exactly that — on four separate occasions. I don't even want to think about what might have happened to those four individuals if the lifeguards hadn't been on duty.

These highly trained individuals are well worth their salaries. Just ask the swimmers who narrowly escaped drowning and their family members as well. My hunch is that all are unanimously in favor of the lifeguards remaining.

It's like having good insurance. When you need it, it's there and surely pays for itself.

JoAnn Lee Frank, Clearwater

Tossed cigarettes scary on the road

My husband and I went out to dinner last night and during the hour or so we were gone we saw three smokers tossing their cigarettes out the window. How careless! If you don't want the stink of the smoked cigarette in the car, think about your family and friends. Don't burn us up!

Susan Robinson, Clearwater

Budget shortfall douses Tarpon Springs' Fourth of July fireworks | story, May 8

Fireworks not an essential service

I am glad to see that the Tarpon Springs commissioners realize what's important and what's not. Canceling the yearly fireworks is not only cost effective but might save some other money, considering that any time there is a city event, the police, fire department, emergency vehicles and other paid people have to be there just in case they are needed.

If all city events could be measured in terms of necessity and what's really important, a lot more dollars could be saved.

Certainly the residents enjoy such events, but they are not a real necessity and in a so-called "money crunch," we need to decide what we really need and what can be eliminated without any serious consequences. Everything in life can't be about fun.

The city radio station's emergency output is a real need in times of disaster and should always be working.

Fran Glaros-Sharp, Clearwater

Blaring sirens

are a nuisance

What's with all the sirens down here? I have never heard so many sirens all day and far into the night. We live in a condo in Largo, just north of Ulmerton Road, and they say that Ulmerton Road is "siren alley."

These can't all be calls for fires. They must be old people falling over, but in that case, why send a fire truck, an ambulance and sometimes, a police car, all with their sirens blaring?

Please, is all this necessary?

Arthur R. Hustad, Largo

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Who cleans up the messy Courtney Campbell Parkway? 05/14/08 [Last modified: Friday, May 16, 2008 9:14am]
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