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Why are Republicans not fighting prescription drug abuse?

GOP fights drug database: why?

I think Sheriff Chris Nocco is doing a great job with the prescription drug issue in our county. I do take issue with his fellow Republicans.

Why did the Republicans fight against the prescription drug database for years? Why are they protecting big pharmaceutical companies and the doctors? Why did the Legislature not agree to let the taxpayers fund the database? The watered-down version Sen. Mike Fasano fought for was passed after years of fellow Republicans fighting against it.

The doctors are not required to use the database and this is why it has been reported that only 2 percent of doctors are using it. I have been in Pasco for over 30 years and I know the problem well, more than I wish I did. Gov. Rick Scott, who appointed Nocco as sheriff, tried to nix the database this last time around.

One million dollars a year to fund the database in comparison to what the state is spending in all related costs pertaining to this abuse is a small price to pay for the benefit we would get out of it.

I know the Republicans are for less government, however, this issue is killing this country. Sheriff Nocco, please explain if you would, why are the Republicans against fighting this prescription drug abuse issue ?

Mike Chubre, New Port Richey

Response sends wrong message | Oct. 24, letter

Group made no coverup attempt

It is obvious that Republicans are masters of deflection.

All Organizing for America volunteers doing voter registrations were trained and specifically prohibited from conducting any partisan activities while registering voters. There was no need for them to misrepresent themselves.

Organizing for America strictly controlled all blank and completed registration forms to ensure the integrity of the process and to ensure that all completed forms, without regard to party affiliation selection, were turned into the Supervisor of Elections Office as required by law.

Despite the letter writer's assertions, there was no concerted effort on the part of Organizing for America to misrepresent or cover up any of their activities.

Eileen F. Tisdale, Hudson

District needs to explain inquiry

I believe the Pasco County School Board owes the citizens of Pasco an explanation on how they chose a paid attorney from the Pasco school district to conduct an investigation into how representatives from the Obama campaign were able to go into schools and speak to students.

Attorney Kevin Shibley should know better. Republicans were not allowed on school property nor were representatives from the Libertarian Party.

The investigation should have been chosen from outside the system.

Bill Bunting, Hudson

Chris Nocco for Pasco sheriff Oct. 19, recommendation

Bogart qualified to be sheriff

As a voter, my first question is: Who is the best qualified candidate to fill this important position? It is insulting to the average citizen as well as the dedicated law enforcement officers serving our community to suggest Sheriff Chris Nocco's 18 months of service in his appointed position comes even remotely close to the depth and breadth of law enforcement experience earned by Kim Bogart over his 31 plus years of dedicated service on the job, as well as Mr. Bogart's well-documented personal service within our Pasco community.

Given the circumstances surrounding the appointment of Mr. Nocco, your weight toward the advantages of incumbency rings hollow. Mr. Nocco's 18 months on the job have consisted of the most highly-funded campaign of public relations and self-promotion I have ever witnessed at a local level.

Cynthia Fargo, New Port Richey

Wells still right choice for property appraiser | Oct. 14, recommendation

Newlon would be better appraiser

Allison Newlon presented herself as an experienced professional with ideas that would allow the Property Appraiser's Office to take advantage of new technologies and to provide outreach efforts that would help citizens and businesses in our community. Your recommendation used one comment that sounds like she was making a joke to question her ability to manage.

Mr. Wells was let off the hook for leaving work early. When I was a manager, we all came in earlier and worked later than the people we managed, setting an example for the staff. Doesn't Pasco deserve that kind of leadership from its elected officials?

Elaine Togneri, New Port Richey

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