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Why can't Pasco run its own sports complex?

Mariano off-base in sports complex idea | Nov. 5 editorial

Can't we run our own complex?

The Times editorial has unfairly chastised Commissioner Jack Mariano. I wonder if the editorial staff paid attention to the questions Mr. Mariano asked and to the evasive responses given by the Sportsplex representatives.

In my opinion, Sportsplex USA has misrepresented itself to the point that I would not hire them to clean my gutters. It's a matter of trust. Also, Mr. Mariano stated that he did not want the proposed complex in his backyard because he conceded that this portion of west Pasco could probably not support it.

The Raymond James Stadium concession stands are managed by the Fine Hosts Corp. and staffed almost exclusively, by nonprofits, many whose only income derives from staffing events. I know this because I was one of them. If the big guys do it this way, why not us ? Why hire a middle man?

The existing Pasco County Parks and Recreation Department is more than capable of managing such a facility. The system is already in place.

If you have to have county staff to oversee the operations, you just employ another person or persons and that's a good thing. Pay salaries from revenue at the gates and from the concessions. Pasco already has the employees and all the equipment necessary to mow and line fields, empty trash and any other issues that need addressing. Put Pasco people back in jobs and not line the pockets of some out-of-state business.

Nothing is free and that should include the use of the park. The tourism board should come up with a figure of what it costs to schedule and run events at this park and charge users accordingly.

The county has already made some very bad decisions because it didn't ask all the questions that needed to be asked. Commissioner Mariano is simply asking the questions.

Dana Goodwin, Hudson

Adopt-a-Pond effort must be encouraged | Nov. 4 editorial

Fighting for pond right thing to do

The editorial stated murky water is caused by runoff from lawns. That is only partially correct.

Oakstead pays a contractor to place a chemical, on a steady basis, that is designed to turn the water black, thereby blocking sunlight to prevent plants from growing and making life miserable for the fish, birds and turtles, and not to mention the foul odor as a result.

Congratulations to Windy Frohnhoefer who fought for Adopt-a-Pond.

Robert Townsend, Land O' Lakes

Problem needed a better response

My husband and I live in a wonderful waterfront community, a place most would expect to be peaceful and serene. Unfortunately, the Port Richey Police Department, a service for which we residents pay a premium, allowed a situation to escalate to the point where neighbor was pitted against neighbor, and anger replaced common sense.

When numerous residents repeatedly asked the police for help in halting an illegal shrimping and boat-repair business operating from a home in our neighborhood, they responded that there was nothing they could do. A simple referral to the proper city department, again something for which we pay a premium, would have sufficed.

Concerned families watched as the bayou where their children play and swim, was polluted with chemicals, fuel spills and just plain trash. Illegal street parking was allowed to continue, month after month, day and night, while shrimpers came and went through the yards, and strangers used rented boat slips, and boat lift, at this private home's dock, turned full-time marina.

Fortunately, the caring and concerned people of our community came together, and as a group, found the city office which was responsive. This was the Code Enforcement Department and we want to express our appreciation to them for acting promptly on this information once it was received. It is difficult to imagine how such a public nuisance was allowed to continue for so long.

Kathleen Brown, Port Richey

Why are kids not safe at school?

Well another school year and it all begins. My youngest had her whole lunch stolen when she returned from getting her silverware. And nothing could be done. And I was also told they would watch more carefully. Last week, she come home with fork marks on her arm all due to the fact she wouldn't give up her milk and juice to a boy, so he stabbed her.

Off to school I went, but before doing so I called everyone at the school district. You guessed it. Nobody was able to talk to me at that time. When we arrived at the school the next morning the assistant principal, sixth-grade grade counselor and the school resource officer were there. I was told there were four teachers in the lunchroom that day and nobody saw what happened. There are cameras in the lunchroom but none on the kids, only on the employees. I was told there weren't enough cameras and hookups to monitor the students. Who are we protecting, employees or kids? Why not both?

My other child, an ESE student, cries when she has to go to school because of the bullies at the high school. She is called names, hit and threatened.

Hey, superintendent Heather Fiorentino, when is this going to stop? When will someone answer their phone? When will Pasco County school officials practice what they preach?

Jamie Van Beek, Holiday

Why can't Pasco run its own sports complex? 11/07/09 [Last modified: Saturday, November 7, 2009 1:48pm]
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