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Why does the Times find this false statement funny?

Political trick tries to turn lawsuit into mud | Aug. 19 C.T. Bowen column

Why is this false statement funny?

It was good to see that C.T. Bowen has not lost his sense of humor in his column. However, he still has a problem separating fact from fiction.

As stated in his column, I am supporting Commissioner Mariano's opponent, Rich Jenkins, for Pasco County commissioner. This decision has upset Commissioner Mariano to the point of him making up false stories about me. In C.T. Bowen's own words, what do you expect from a car salesman?

While the Times finds this all very humorous, I find it deeply distressing that an elected official would resort to such tactics to get elected to office.

During an editorial interview with Bowen and the St. Petersburg Times, Mariano stated that I had a financial involvement in a development that was voted down by the commission. This statement was totally false and was investigated by the Times and found to be false.

On Aug. 7, the Times printed a story which contained the false statements by Mariano. As a private citizen, I am protected by the laws of the state of Florida against such false statements. I filed a complaint Aug. 7. Mariano was served with a copy of the complaint 24 hours before the Times obtained a copy. The timing of the complaint was based on the timing of the false comments reported by the Times on Aug. 7.

Why is the Times so disturbed by a citizen trying to protect himself? Could it be this might be a little prevent defense by the Times which should not have reported this false statement in the first place?

Ed Collins, Trinity

Politicians aren't cutting the greed

It is a shame that so many of our politicians, even county commissioners, are so greedy.

Ann Hildebrand does not care that Pasco County's services have been cut due to lack of funds, but she gladly collects her $80,000 a year and monthly benefit of $2,778. The loophole in state law that allows this should be rescinded.

I feel that no one who is in politics has any ethics any more.

Joanne McWethy, New Port Richey

African nun at Saint Leo to return home to fight AIDS Aug. 17 article

Inspirational stories share hope

I almost skipped reading this article as I negligently deemed it less then newsworthy!

My preconceived ideas of religion were blown out of the water by this purely altruistic article on a truly loving person. Sister Puddy exemplifies all that is good in our nature. She operates out of unconditional love for her fellow man.

That brought me to Out of the limo into the slums. Phillipe is another young man exemplifying the best that we have to offer.

Thank you for these inspirational stories. To learn about what's good in man is an emotional uplift to these trying times.

Richard Burgess, Land O'Lakes

Why does the Times find this false statement funny? 08/20/08 [Last modified: Wednesday, August 27, 2008 1:41pm]
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