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Why make lifeguard shack accessible when medical buildings aren't?

Re: State: Update lifeguard digs | story, July 23 Ludicrous excess of government

Here is yet another example of why this country is going bankrupt. Another mindless bean counter has decided that lifeguards need wheelchair ramps.

The same problems exist in medicine and are about to become problems in education.

This is exactly what more government accomplishes — namely, nothing except more government jobs.

Clearwater should refuse to go along with this insanity. When the government closes down all the lifeguard stations, then we can sue when someone drowns.

Gary Keats, Clearwater

Doctors' offices aren't ADA ready

Being forced, due to some leg problems, to travel to doctors' offices in an electric scooter, I read with some interest the story about how the state is making the city of Clearwater bring the second and third floors of the Clearwater Beach lifeguard shack up to Americans with Disabilities Act code, at considerable expense.

In view of the fact that this code is not enforced on medical offices, I must question the sense of it.

I go to doctors' offices in buildings that are totally handicapped accessible until I get to the doctor's office, where I am confronted by a solid wood door that is difficult for a regular person to open, say nothing of a person on a scooter.

I feel strongly that the handicapped population of Florida would be better served if the state forced owners and managers of these buildings to make doors to medical offices automatic and easily accessible rather than force the city of Clearwater to spend money to install totally needless wheelchair lifts, etc., in the lifeguard shack.

Bob George, Clearwater

No bright light made decision

We certainly don't need people to administer our laws and regulations when a single transistor could perform every administrative function embodied in this decision.

Wm. L. Bassett, Clearwater

Re: Miller apologizes for remarks | story, July 22

Miller undercut her apology

When is an apology not an apology? When Oldsmar City Council member Janice Miller preambles her apology with, "I shoot from the hip" and, "I don't always say the politically correct thing." This is doublespeak for, "I said exactly what I mean and don't have to sugarcoat it!"

She goes on to "apologize for offending some people" — not all the people, mind you. Throwing in that Palin-esque wink-line, "You betcha," was a sly touch.

She was ably enabled by council-mate Linda Norris, who bemoaned the heartbreak of having your town portrayed as racist. Said Norris, "We don't stand for it." The rest of the council chimed in with silence.

Norris said that she expected a "circus" at the meeting. A circus? Isn't that a group of clowns and animals? Anyway, Norris was happy that "a lot of citizens didn't come" to the meeting.

An apology? Thanks but no thanks.

Dave Plyer, Clearwater

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Why make lifeguard shack accessible when medical buildings aren't? 07/27/10 [Last modified: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 4:51pm]
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