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Will Hernando County Commission choose builders over home owners?

We would pay for a boon to builders

Will the Republican County Commission sacrifice and tax Hernando's existing home owners for the benefit of their political contributors, the developers/builders of Hernando County? Unless they are all blind, Hernando County is overbuilt, not underbuilt. No matter what the developers/builders and the commissioners say, in the end, the existing homeowners will be sacrificed and taxed for every dollar the developers/builders and new home owners don't pay for new infrastructure.

Who would guarantee all the saving would be passed on to new homeowners, and not just increase the profits of the developers/builders? Are these people kidding?

Where is that great leader of the Republican Hernando Party, Blaise Ingoglia, and his disciple, Commissioner Jim Adkins? As a developer/builder, Mr. Ingoglia must be trying to keep a low profile, since it is his special interest that is in question. These guys are like an octopus, they have their tentacles everywhere.

What about the existing homeowners trying to sell their home in a county already overbuilt? I guess we just forgot about them, right Mr. Ingoglia? After all, these people can't add anything to you or your friends' profit margins. Mr. Ingoglia, remember when you use to give those seminars a few years ago on the horror and evil of those Democrats interfering with free markets taking their natural course? Does it ring a bell?

I'm sure some small-time builders care about the welfare of carpenters, electricians, drywall workers, etc., but the vast majority of developers never come into contact with these people. They just want the cheapest bid, with good work, so they can maximize their profits. This is primarily about the survival of builders/developers in a county already overbuilt.

I'm saddened about the work lost to these craftsmen, but subsidizing impact fees and the cost of new infrastructure will just prolong the inevitable.

I am surprised and disappointed about the silence and indifference of Hernando's existing homeowners on this subject. Retired people don't have to worry about losing their job by challenging these people. Join in, please.

Ken Lang, Spring Hill

Sheriff, please don't cut DARE

The other night my grandson, Kristopher Amore, wrote a letter to Sheriff Richard Nugent requesting he continue the DARE program at his school, Suncoast Elementary, as well as the other schools in Hernando County.

I had been aware that a deputy in the DARE program visited his school and spoke to the fifth-graders about drugs and smoking, but Kristopher had just mentioned it in passing once or twice.

When he wrote his letter, I realized that the DARE program had definitely influenced his thinking. In his letter, Kristopher wrote about how he and his friends enjoyed the program and had learned, for example, that the effects of taking drugs and smoking can show up in your system 10 to 20 years later — and all this from a child who previously made no reference to either drugs or smoking.

Kristopher actually mentioned many other aspects that he had learned through the program, but I am hoping that listing them all won't be necessary to convince the sheriff to reinstate the program.

I realize that the Sheriff's Office budget has been reduced and that cuts needed to be made, but using the schoolchildren of our county to balance the budget is not acceptable in my eyes.

Please, Sheriff Nugent, rethink your decision. I am sure that you have received many letters on other community cuts you have made, but this is one cut that will affect our children, the future citizens of Hernando County.

Bunni Amore, Spring Hill

License fee hike feels like taxes

I paid my money for renewing my license plan, $142.70 for two old vehicles. Have our politicians heard about no new taxes?

No matter what you call these increases, they are taxes.

Arthur Haling, Brooksville

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Will Hernando County Commission choose builders over home owners? 10/22/09 [Last modified: Thursday, October 22, 2009 5:35pm]
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