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With economy, there is plenty of blame to go around

Same old boss, same big mistakes being made Feb. 20 guest column

Plenty of blame to go around

The guest column is way off base in blaming former President George W. Bush and other government officials for our economic problems.

Try blaming greedy banks for lending money to people who couldn't afford the over-priced houses they were buying.

Blame these large corporations for laying off help, spending their profits on perks for executives that weren't deserved. There were soaring stock prices on the backs of these laid off people so executives can get rich on the stock they hold.

Blame builders', contractors' and land owners' greed in charging exorbitant prices for products worth much less.

Blame oil companies charging the price for gas and oil that wasn't worth that much, which in turn increased the prices we all pay for goods we buy.

Blame electric companies now charging us for oil surcharges based on old pricing of gas and oil when it was higher.

I hope you get my point. Blame American people, we put ourselves in this mess.

Bob Clark, Port Richey

Boycott shops selling dyed fish

My family was walking through a pet store a couple of weeks ago when we noticed fish that have words like "love" written across them. When I researched this more it turns out that these fish mostly come from Asia and undergo a process in which they are injected with a needle with this bright dye.

The statistics say that 80 percent of the fish they perform this process on die and the 20 percent that make it to a store die four times quicker than they normally would.

I don't think many people are aware of how barbaric this process is especially since studies have shown that fish feel pain. I would suggest that people boycott stores selling these fish. I guess they think whatever brings in the money is allowable and really do not care about animals.

Holly Bonk, Port Richey

Remember who voted against stimulus plan Feb. 20 guest column

Opponents had the right idea

I certainly will remember those who voted against the stimulus package, a thinly veiled Democratic spending bill that has little to nothing to do with stimulating the economy. My experience with business is that people work for companies that supply the jobs. The way to get business to create more jobs is not to threaten them with more taxes and doom and gloom talk from the top. The way to get Wall Street to trust the administration's direction isn't to threaten to nationalize banks and tell businesses they are "too greedy." This seems to be pretty "antibusiness" to me, and apparently many others who are dumping stock.

So, yes, I will remember those brave enough to stand against the failed policies of the 1930s, which did almost nothing to end the Great Depression. World War II did that. I will remember the advice of the most respected economists who said you can't spend yourself out of a recession. And I will remember the historic election of 2008, when the U.S. elected perhaps the worst candidate to lead in troubled times, and he will be remembered — as the worst president, ever.

Kevin Myny, New Port Richey

Help the bears, not developers

Our bears in Aripeka need help. If the Southwest Florida Water Management District has 11,000 acres of coastal land, good.

Why do we need another development at all? Just keep the bears and get rid of SunWest Harbourtowne.

Gene Hills, Hudson

Electric bill increase is odious

Although my electric bills were always high, the additional increase on my last bill of about $100 per month was a shocker. It was a shock to my neighbors as well.

I can understand an increase of $5 to $10 per month, but $100 is unreal.

This will prove difficult for a lot of people. But, sadly, you don't pay your bills, your lights go out.

Peggy Holway, Port Richey

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With economy, there is plenty of blame to go around 02/24/09 [Last modified: Tuesday, February 24, 2009 10:00pm]
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