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Writer's perspective on taxes is refreshing

Re: Florida needs uniform tax on business | May 20 guest column

His perspective

is refreshing

Is there any way we can persuade C.D. Chamberlain to run for governor of Florida, or county administrator, or anything in between?

What a refreshing outlook on Florida taxes, business welfare and the insider deals made with taxpayer money! Kudos, Mr. C.

Lawrence Noyes, Spring Hill

Re: Deputies make tough chase calls | May 16 letter

Put the safety

of the public first

As a resident of Hernando County, I support the Sheriff's Office and its traffic enforcement duties. But I think that James Skinner missed the "big picture" when it comes to traffic enforcement vs. public safety.

Suppose the deputy did chase that motorcycle. Do you think that by initiating a pursuit and making the driver of the motorcycle drive beyond his abilities at high speeds is in the public interest? I disagree, as would most law enforcement agencies. You've now turned a traffic infraction into a high-speed chase that could kill your family, or mine.

Recent case law pertaining to vehicle pursuits restricts the agency to violent offenders or auto burglary offenses. If you were to ask me if our deputies would like to pursue those traffic offenders that fall outside their guidelines, I suspect it would be an overwhelming "yes.'' But the reality of current-day events and litigation prevents them.

Lori A. Lee, Brooksville

Re: Time for some tough love, America | May 13 guest column

Real leaders will emerge in a crisis

As a rule of thumb Americans never act until there is a crisis. The floor beneath their feet has to be on fire before they'll take a step.

The reason for this isn't lethargy or indolence or procrastination, or even indifference; the problem is a sense of futility and exasperation with their fellow citizens. The average American can't be less interested in a crusade while there is still time to make a dime or steal one from the public treasury.

In the American mind, a crusader is a skinny man with a pencil neck and no chin, and the shrill matron who made elementary school difficult. The American knows these summer soldiers and sunshine patriots will abandon them when the crisis comes. Crusaders inevitably become rear echelon coat-holders when the fighting starts.

The crisis must come, and the crisis brings with it a battalion of natural leaders. This is where we are.

James B. Johnson, Port Richey

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Writer's perspective on taxes is refreshing 05/21/08 [Last modified: Sunday, May 25, 2008 12:45pm]
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