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You can't defend what's not there

Pittman defends work ethic story, May 25

You can't defend what's not there

How do you defend something you don't have? It's like trying to prove a negative.

Pasco County does not have the salary base to afford these high-paid elected officials, no less paying for ones who can't do their complete job. This could only happen in politics — in any other job, he would have been fired long ago.

Instead we get to pay for an SUV for which most of us couldn't afford the gas. Bet we are paying for his gas, though. Why? Because the commissioners think we can pay for it. Something has to be done about these people.

Please put a list of all these officials and their salaries in one article, so we can get rid of them the next time they are up for election.

Even though this is his first complaint, he shouldn't be shocked by it. I imagine he will have a line outside his door (car door, probably).

Sharon DeMaria, Hudson

Voters, it's time for a new guard!

It's time for the good old boy network in Pasco County to go. It is time for some of these county commissioners, the clerk of the court and other elected officials to vacate the seats they have held for so long.

Look around at your county, and you will see why this is true: Poor maintenance of all our roads and right-of-ways, poor enforcement of our county ordinances, spending money on multimillion-dollar sports complexes while talking of cuts to law enforcement and other government employee salaries (while their salaries continue to rise), poor community planning, etc.

You can see the difference in counties as you drive from Pasco to Pinellas, which has nicer roadways, manicured medians, more police presence, and is much more governmentally organized.

The voters of this county need to realize it's time to make a change. Pasco needs to stop being known as the backwoods, country-bumpkin county, and needs to step up to the plate with a younger, more aggressive and hardworking government. One that will encourage change and try to beautify our county instead of turning it into a ghost town of empty moral businesses while strip clubs and adult novelty stores thrive, waist-high weeded medians, rutted streets and poorly paid and treated police and firefighters.

Wake up, study your ballots, and when it comes time to vote, do more this time than simply check the box to vote back in the incumbents!

Ray Stackon, Trinity

Former employee begs to differ

Before I retired, I was employed by Mr. Pittman for almost 16 years, and the quality of service by him and his employees appeared to be exceptional.

I remember a customer who was furious because the passport office had entered his incorrect place of birth. His naturalization papers showed he was born in Scotland and not Ireland. He claimed he tried writing to Miami, but received no response.

He came into the clerk's office, and I resubmitted his forms to the passport office. The problem was resolved to his satisfaction. So who was notified? Of course, Mr. Pittman. Bear in mind that Mr. Pittman is proud of his employees as they are of him.

Whether Mr. Pittman was up in Jacksonville, Tallahassee or Pasco County, he is always doing his job. Obviously the Times reporter needs to do some research.

Estelle Rodman, Bayonet Point

Start school cuts with training

If my math is correct, from what I've read in your paper there is a $16-million shortage in the Pasco school budget and $4.5-million of that is for a training program. So over 25 percent of the deficit can be resolved by eliminating a training program? Sounds simple to me.

If the teachers don't get raises and they decide to leave, who will be attending the training classes? Tough times call for tough measures — usually. Putting a training seminar on hold for a year seems a not-so-tough solution to enabling pay raises for underpaid teachers.

That still leaves $11.5-million to cut but it sure beats $16-million.

Richard Tron, Wesley Chapel

Good reasons

to avoid right lane

One big reason for left-lane drivers is so when the bus stops in the right lane for passengers, we don't get rear-ended by the person who is tailgating and on the cell phone or hit by the right-turn-on-red drivers who pull out into oncoming traffic without first stopping.

Another thing is those suicide bus benches. They are placed in positions to get people killed.

Roger F. Lind, Port Richey

I'll drive in the left lane because I can

Guess it depends on what your driving experiences are. The only "slower traffic keep right" signs I see are on multilane highways and then not all of them have it.

Our driving manners depict our views of life in general — how we respect the speed limits and other vehicles. There is nowhere that I have traveled where it says the left lane is for passing only.

Driving the speed limit is not a crime. It is not my fault you are running late, in a hurry, or just plain showing an it-is-my-right attitude. As long as I am driving the legal limit, please stay out of my muffler.

Christina Ennist,

New Port Richey

Coach thanks you for your support

On May 17 the Pasco High School Football Booster's Club sponsored a golf tournament to benefit the Pasco High School football program. The event was a great success thanks to the hard work of the booster club and the outpouring of support by our local businesses and community members.

As the head coach of the Pasco Pirate football program, I would like to thank everyone in our great community on behalf of our Pirate family for your generosity, not only for this golf tournament, but also for the support and well wishes this past year.

Tom McHugh, Dade City

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