Sunday, December 17, 2017
Letters To The Editor

Zephyrhills High principal is missed

Zephyrhills High principal missed

It has been brought to attention of the senior class of Zephyrhills High School that our principal, Steve Van Gorden, has been placed on paid administrative leave and is under investigation for an unknown reason. His absence has caused a major disruption of our daily activities on our campus.

Mr. Van Gorden is always extremely involved in everything that happens at our school. He accentuates school spirit and pride through his constant support of athletics, academics, extracurricular activities, and the success of every student and faculty member alike.

Our principal, has never hesitated to help anybody with whatever trials and tribulations come their way. He knows a vast majority of the student body on a first-name basis and would never allow us to forget that students always come first. He does not see students as just a number that passes through the school halls, he sees us as the unique individuals that we are capable of becoming. Through his close proximity to the student body, he can continually play a positive influence in our decision making.

Our class has had him as a positive role model through this imperative stage of our lives. He has instilled wholesome values in us and has seen us through from the time that we were young, impressionable freshmen to the now, when we are on the verge of adulthood.

Mr. Van Gorden's absence from our recent homecoming week festivities has severely struck the morale of not only our senior class, but of the entirety of the school. I cannot picture the rest of the year and all of the senior gaiety (i.e. graduation) without him at the helm of our school.

Although we do not fully know what is happening, the school and the atmosphere around it has been tense as we have been without our predominant figurehead.

Mr. Van Gorden has always been there for us, so we will stand behind him in his time of distress.

Tori Jordan, John Cottrell, Zephyrhills


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