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Zephyrhills canine officer deserved the tribute

Dog memorial is insulting Aug. 18 letter

Canine officer deserves respect

The letter was very distasteful. I live here in Zephyrhills only about a block from where the dog lived, The dog had a name; it was Gunner. He was a member of the Zephyrhills Police Department and was in commission of his duty when he died. He was a big, beautiful dog and deserved the respect that he got.

To the writer, I'm a Vietnam veteran and served my time honorably. I find your remarks disgusting and unforgiveable.

Roy Cousins, Zephyrhills

Police dogs risk lives for partners

The writer should be ashamed of himself for his uncaring remarks about this. Is he not aware that this dog is trained to put his life on the line for his partner, just as the writer was when he was in Iraq or Afghanistan?

These police dogs are just as important as their fellow human partners. Try talking to a canine officer sometime and see how she or he feels.

Diane Howard, Hudson

Tribute reflects community value

The writer is obviously ignorant to what the canine officer and their partners do every day on the public's behalf.

They enter empty, darkened buildings and run out through swamps in the middle of the night to pursue criminals. Places that you would not go during daylight, they charge into, with no thought to the danger or the outcome.

The dog and handler complete thousands of hours of training practicing in the same type of environment, week after week. I would bet if you asked the gentleman whose life was saved by Officer Gunner and his handler he may have thought the tribute was not enough.

A true veteran, whose dog was killed in Iraq and is now a canine officer, made a five-hour round-trip drive from the East Coast just to pay tribute because he knows the importance of the canines and their value to the community and their country.

Dan Rinaldo, Land O'Lakes

Traffic kindness not hard to show

What happened to the days when you helped someone out in traffic and they thanked you?

I was always taught that manners made a difference, something I always taught my children as they grew up. Now, you let a driver in, and nothing. Is it really that hard to raise your hand for thanks?

It is getting to a point where I will not be willing to help a guy out. Please just raise your hand to me in thanks.

Tracey Switala, Holiday

Sports complex wastes money

What is wrong with the Pasco County commissioners? I just cannot believe that they are once again pinning their hopes on another losing proposition: a sports complex.

In the current economic climate, not even the Taj Mahal if it were a sports complex would draw crowds. Even the Daytona 500 this year had the smallest attendance in its history! No one will come to the complex that the commissioners want to build.

While I am aware that the bed tax is supposed to be used to build facilities that will promote future tourism, I dare the commissioners to put it to a referendum of the people in 2010.

Go ahead, ask the taxpayers if in this time of crisis they would prefer that this $11.6 million be given to the taxpayers in the form of reduced property taxes for the citizens of Pasco.

At the very least, if the commissioners will not ask the citizens what they want to do with this money, they should abandon this ridiculous idea of building a sports complex. No matter what Commissioner Jack Mariano thinks, we do not need it. No one will come. And it will just be an eventual increase in taxes for the upkeep. It will never generate the revenue to support itself.

This is just one more example of stupid, irresponsible, wasteful spending by another government entity.

Joanne Bailey, Bayonet Point

Editor's note: By law, tourist tax dollars cannot be used for non-tourism spending such as property tax relief.

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