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Morsanis' development unfair to residents

Is it "progress" or greed?

Morsanis' plan hurts residents

What are the residents to do if the Pasco County commissioners and developers/builders aren't willing to listen to their concerns about new building in their quiet neighborhood?

Frank and Carol Morsani are planning to build over 300 homes on a 170-acre plot that used to be the residence of the Morsanis. A few of the neighbors had been told by Frank Morsani that these beautiful acres of pine and other trees would be protected until his death. Yet now, Frank and Carol are planning to build and forever change this quiet neighborhood on Leonard and Henley roads in Lutz.

Both Leonard and Henley are quiet dead-end roads. That certainly will change with the extra traffic. The new development will connect to State Road 54 and eventually go to Sunlake, allowing through traffic in order to "lessen" the traffic on the State Road 54-U.S. 41 corridor in Land O'Lakes. So our neighborhood will be changed forever just to allow for better traffic flow on major highways.

We've asked that the zoning for this project still be agricultural, allowing the homes to be on acre plots rather than so many homes on smaller plots. Smaller plots will more likely cause a greater change in elevation and cause flooding to our yards. No one has been willing to listen.

I know the Morsanis have been great donors to our community, from performing arts to medical centers. But haven't they already received enough notoriety at this point? What good will these new homes promote other than to add riches to an already rich family? Why should our community and lives be forever changed for the purpose of monetary gain? We tried to change things by going to our elected officials, but they didn't listen.

We feel this is a travesty. Money, power and "progress" mean more than being a good neighbor to this quiet community of people as well as the deer, turkeys, eagles, rabbits and bobcats that will be uprooted from their homes. One of the residents has lived in her home for 70 years. It's just not fair. What else can citizens do to protect their homes and lives?

Gloria Foster, Lutz

American first?

Ethnicity labels help to divide us

I would like to begin with an apology to anyone whom my thoughts may offend. They are not in any way intended to do that. I also should share that I bring no special training or expertise to my thoughts. I am a born-again Christian, a high school graduate and nearly 3 score and 14 (74).

On the scale of things, my thought may have little effect, but I suggest your readers at least consider it. I was born in America and consider myself an American first, and then my particular ethnicity second. Most of the pundits, talking heads and regular people I see and hear seem to say they are a particular ethnicity/American. Does that not continue, even in a small way, to keep us divided?

It is my belief that anyone born in America, or who becomes an American through the naturalization process, should refer to themselves first as an American followed by their ethnicity. I believe doing this would help to unite us, if only in a small way. I also do not believe doing this would in any way demean their cultural background.

Terry. N. Biggs, Zephyrhills

Is there a DUI rule for every city in Florida?

Stronger DUI penalties needed

Two schoolteachers were just severely injured by a drunk driver, and the bail was set. Then a drunk driver had a small child in the car and hit a police vehicle and "no bail".

We need stronger laws in every city in this state. If you are a repeat offender, you need to go to prison; driving with no license, you need to go to jail for at least six months.

Florida needs to send the message that drunk driving will not be tolerated in our state.

Yes, we want the tourists to have a good time. But you can get a cab or even walk if you want to drink.

My wife was severely injured by a drunk driver in 2006 and still is suffering because of it.

Now is the time to send the message to anyone who wants to drink and drive.

Richard Hewitt, Dade City

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