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  1. Column: How Trump won Twitter


    Donald Trump has mastered Twitter, embarking on a White House candidacy that forgoes costly, conventional methods of political communication and relies instead on the free, urgent and visceral platforms of social media. Over the past two months, on Twitter alone, he has been mentioned in 6.3 million conversations, eight …

    New York Times
  2. Column: More guns than people


    It's tough to know exactly how many guns we have in the United States. Most estimates use federal tallies of the firearms manufactured, imported and exported by U.S. gunmakers. A 2012 Congressional Research Service report published exactly one month before the Sandy Hook school shootings put the number of civilian …

  3. Candidate replies for St. Petersburg City Council


    Editor's note: Candidates for St. Petersburg City Council not recommended by the Tampa Bay Times were given an opportunity to reply.

    Steve Kornell

    District 5

  4. Ruth: Can baseball work on a dump?


    In the interest of full disclosure, I am not an engineer, although my late father was, and he did most of his precise calculations with a slide rule. But I would like to think I inherited a bit of his common sense, which leads me to go out on a limb with this observation.

  5. Ruth: Scott should explain clemency decision


    Here is today's lesson for Law and Order 101. When a prosecutor offers you a plea deal, especially one involving zero time behind bars, grab the offer, kiss him on the cheek and run as fast as you can for the door.

    Orville Wollard, 60, will likely 
be in prison until 2028.
  6. Guest column: Improving our environment will improve our health


    Whether or not we're aware of it, each person in Pinellas County makes hourly decisions that impact our health. Do we bring or buy lunch? Walk around the block or watch TV? Smoke or avoid tobacco? In the public health world, these decisions are called "health behaviors."

    Jocelyn Howard
  7. Column: Fiorina, the marketing genius


    Carly Fiorina's presidential campaign has been built on confrontational moments. With impregnable self-confidence and a fearless intensity, she has out-Trumped Trump and landed the most telling and quotable blows on Hillary Clinton.

  8. Maxwell: Jeb Bush's insensitivity resurfaces


    Jeb Bush has a serious problem with ethnicity and multiculturalism. And this problem is more serious than it first appears.

    Jeb Bush has a problem with ethnicity and multiculturalism.
  9. Column: Superintendents united in dismissal of 2015 tests


    We join other Florida superintendents in saying we have lost confidence in the current accountability system for the students of the state of Florida.

    Michael Grego is in charge of Pinellas schools.
  10. Column: Will next mass shooting be today?


    When a shooter opened fire at a community college in Oregon last week, it brought the total of mass shootings this year — incidents where four or more people are killed or injured by gunfire — to 294. Thursday was the 274th day of the year.

    Source:	Washington Post
  11. Perspective: How things got so bad in Afghanistan


    With a number of major ongoing international crises, events in Afghanistan have not gotten as much attention as the situation deserves: In recent months, the country's security situation has dramatically deteriorated. As last week's dramatic events in Kunduz continue to unfold, here's a quick overview of what is going …

    The Kunduz police chief talks to U.S. and Afghan special forces last week after officials said government forces had retaken the city. The Afghan security situation has dramatically worsened.
  12. Perspective: I was a well-adjusted, mostly happy 20-year-old. And then I wasn't.


    Dec. 13, 2013. Friday the 13th.

    I've never been superstitious, but it was an unlucky day. I woke up at 6 a.m. after a week filled with intense panic attacks. I was sleeping in my parents' bedroom, something I hadn't done since I was a child.

    I wanted to die.

    [ CAMERON COTTRILL  |  Times ]
  13. PolitiFact: Did Hillary Clinton start the Obama birther movement?


    Call it ricochet politics. First, a questioner at a New Hampshire rally for Donald Trump repeats the lie that President Barack Obama is a Muslim. Trump fails to correct him and faces a round of questions as to why he didn't. Then the host of NBC's Meet the Press asks Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson …

  14. How many votes does it take to elect a Florida legislator?

    State Roundup

    TALLAHASSEE — When Florida lawmakers return to Tallahassee for another redistricting special session on Oct. 19, they will talk a lot about how to comply with court guidelines when redrawing state Senate districts. But they'll say much less about how competitive those districts should be.

    Gov. Rick Scott, right, addresses a joint session of the Florida Legislature during his State of the State address on March 3. [SCOTT KEELER | Times]
  15. Column: Obama's fantasy world


    "Russia hits Assad's foes, angering U.S."

    Russian President Vladimir Putin is moving so brazenly because he’s got only 16 more months to push on the open door that is Barack Obama.
  16. Dockery: Time for state to listen about student testing


    Parents of students in Florida's public schools are frustrated and feel like their voices aren't being heard.

  17. Ruth: Jeb Bush has problems on home turf


    Imagine Mike Tyson being described as not looking very intimidating — while standing next to Elmer Fudd.

    “He seems kind of like a marshmallow,” one resident of the Villages said of Republican candidate Jeb Bush, above.
  18. Column: Syria, Obama and Putin


    Your Honor, I rise again in defense of President Barack Obama's policy on Syria.

  19. Ernest Coney Jr.'s legacy is to build a better communities


    Ernest Coney Jr. stepped to the lectern before 500 people at TPepin's Hospitality Center on Tuesday and laid out his vision for the Corporation to Develop Communities of Tampa.

  20. Column: Is Donald Trump serious?


    As part of his ongoing effort to make a mockery of the American political process, Donald Trump released his tax plan Monday morning. This is the third official policy position he has laid out in the 3½ months he's been running for president.

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says his tax plan will prevent American jobs from moving overseas, but it likely won’t.