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For A Better Florida

The Old  Capitol in Tallahassee. (SCOTT KEELER   |   Times)

Florida political insiders are pessimistic about state's leadership

IN FLORIDA, EVEN MANY OF THE MOST PLUGGED-IN PLAYERS are deeply pessimistic about the current state of Sunshine State leadership. The Tampa Bay Times last week surveyed more than 120 prominent lobbyists, former elected officials, political consultants, fundraisers and activists. Some sad highlights of this Florida  …


Voters wait in line at the Suncoast and Dance Party Center on County Line Road in Spring Hill on Election Day 2012. [OCTAVIO JONES | Times]

Romano: It's up to voters to make Florida better

Reps. Richard Corcoran, R- Land O Lakes, and Jose Oliva, R- Miami Lakes, huddle on the floor of the Florida House before the House left for the regular session in 2015. The body declared Sine Die for the session without agreeing on a state budget. (SCOTT KEELER   |   Times)

Painful lessons for a troubled Florida Legislature


I broke a would-be rapist's nose, but what if I'd had a gun?

Gov. Rick Scott announces his state budget proposal which would cut taxes by $1 billion and add $250 million for economic development incentives on Dec. 7, at Harbinger Signs in Jacksonville. [Will Dickey/The Florida Times-Union via AP]

Trigaux: It's not jobs, but the quality of jobs, that matters now in Florida

  1. Column: After Orlando massacre, LGBTQ community deserves more than platitudes


    I woke up June 12 to learn a hateful man slaughtered 49 people and injured more than 50 others at a gay nightclub in Orlando. I was beyond shocked, filled with sadness, anger and an aching emptiness as a queer woman. But in the following …

    Mourners attend a candlelight vigil in front of the Dr. P. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Orlando on June 13 to honor the 49 people killed and 50 more wounded in the mass shooting at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando. LOREN ELLIOTT   |   Times
  2. Wave embraces amusements


    I find myself downtown every day of the week, between work and sailing, but the Pier has become obsolete in my daily life. If I didn't sail past it twice a week with my sailing team, I might actually forget it was there. I need something that will remind me that the pier is there, and make me want to use it.

  3. Make it iconic and fun


    Two thoughts on the pier:

    Spa Beach Park. This area near the pier should become a major community gathering place with picnic pavilions and a large playground with play equipment, climbing nets, climbing walls and water features. A few years ago, the city built a playground and picnic area at Dell …

  4. Lens is a good fit


    I'm a heavy guy looking to lose some weight. So when I'm looking at these designs, the one that catches my eye and interest the most is easily the Lens. The entire structure is striking, and the way the upper path that leads to the main building is almost solely for jogging and biking makes that design the most …

  5. Keep our waterfront uncluttered


    Over the last few months, I have heard many comments about pier possibilities, from: Keep the Pier as is, build a new pier with a more traditional look and, Do we need a pier?

  6. Lens points us toward new era


    Winston Churchill famously said, "We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us." Our buildings are expressions of ourselves and determine how we perceive our home. The new pier must capture the spirit of St. Petersburg because its form will shape our lives and the vision of our city for generations.

  7. 2012 could swing on the 'Walmart Moms'



    The change Barack Obama campaigned on four years ago is a distant memory for some of the country's most important voters.

  8. In Florida's past, great leaders really led


    LAtely I've been rereading a book titled From Yellow Dog Democrats to Red State Republicans. It's a political history of our state written by David R. Colburn, a professor at the University of Florida. • One striking part of the book deals with the government of Florida in the early 1970s, a period of …

    Askew did what he promised.
  9. Legislators are as legislators do


    They clearly don't get it.

    Something strange comes over state legislators when they gather inside the Capitol.

  10. Pup, I'm voting for Obama


    Editor's note: Because of reaction to the following online essay, Christopher Buckley resigned from his back-page column at the conservative National Review. He explains his reasons — and the volume of hate mail — in a follow-up column at — "the only …

    Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama may have had their last debate, but the debate among the Right is still going on.